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Olivia Wilde Explains Why She Has a 'No A**holes Policy' on Her Sets After Shia LaBeouf Firing

  Olivia Wilde Explains Why She Has a 'No A**holes Policy' on Her Sets After Shia LaBeouf Firing The actress-turned-director got candid about not tolerating bad attitudes on her movie sets.The 36-year-old actress-turned-director touched on not tolerating bad and negative behavior on her sets. This comes after replacing Shia LaBeouf with Harry Styles in her upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling.

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His Warmth A Harry Potter and Lavender Brown Drabble. Lavender had been inconsolable all day. Her baby rabbit, Binky, had died yesterday evening and she 'd received the letter a few hours ago. She loved professor Trelawney, but why, just why, did the woman have to be right? As she steadied her breath, she found a surprise warmth in a pair of strong arms that wrapped around her from behind and began to pull her close. She could feel her comforter's soft hair brush against her cheek, just like her Binky's tail used to. Once again sniffing, this time more audibly, Lavender allowed herself to relax in his embrace, finally resting

They are already an absolute dream couple! It is said to have sparked between Olivia Wilde (36) and Harry Styles (27) on the set of the US thriller "Don't Worry Darling". While Wilde directs, Styles shines in front of the camera alongside Florence Pugh (25). A source told People magazine: "They spend all their time together." She is "very happy with Harry," the insider continued.

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It is still not known whether the rumors are really true. Neither Harry nor Olivia spoke up publicly after they were spotted holding hands at a friend's wedding in Montecito, California in early January. On Monday (February 15), the American broke her silence for the first time and raved about the 27-year-old Brit!

Olivia Wilde: She is so happy with Harry Styles

 Olivia Wilde: She is so happy with Harry Styles They are already considered Hollywood's new dream couple. And the relationship between Olivia Wilde (36, "Booksmart" ) and Harry Styles (27, "Dunkirk" ) is supposed to be "serious". The two "spend all of their time together," claims an anonymous source in the US People magazine . Styles and Wilde are currently working on the film "Don't Worry Darling" in Los Angeles. The flick is Wilde's highly anticipated second directorial project, in which she also plays a part.

His gaze followed her every move as she talked, as she danced and played. Her losses, though little, were loud and distressful, so much that it eclipsed her victories. She did not seem to notice him, and he stayed silently apart, a polite guest that made his way discreetly but was nonetheless remarked. His mouth went down in an amused rictus as he gestured her to continue. When she put her tiny fingers on his hand, after much negotiation when she tried to empty his purse, certainly for her own amusement, he felt a shiver of anticipation, a warmth almost surprising for such cold little hands.

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Everyone should see who their heart man is! We show you the newly in love Nathalie Volk in the following video.

Olivia Wilde raves: "But then came Harry Styles ..."

The mother of two and ex-fiancée of actor Jason Sudeikis (45) shared a black and white snapshot of Styles in a cool classic car in front of one on Instagram Seated palm trees backdrop. The 36-year-old wrote: "For those of you who don't already know: Most male actors would never be a supporting actor in a woman-focused film. The film industry has given them the feeling that this gives them power and financial worth would lose. "

Wilde continued: "This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get financial aid for a film that has a female lead actress. No joke - it is so incredibly difficult to find a man who has value keeps giving a woman the spotlight. But then came Harry Styles - our 'Jack'. He not only enjoyed giving the big stage to the wonderful Florence Pugh. He also filled every scene with his humanity. "

Prince Harry: First snapshot in weeks: He shows up in the middle of Hollywood

 Prince Harry: First snapshot in weeks: He shows up in the middle of Hollywood Oops, what is Prince Harry (36) doing there? It is known that the grandson of Queen Elizabeth (94) and his wife Meghan (39, nee Meghan Markle) are currently setting up a number of new projects. In their adopted home of California, the couple really takes off. But now the prince has been spotted in Hollywood with a new secret project - in a completely unusual location. And Harry's good friend, the actor and presenter James Corden (42), was also part of the party.

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Olivia Wilde about Harry Styles: "He blew us away"

Finally, Olivia Wilde praised her loved one in the highest tones. She wrote: "He didn't need to join our movie circus, but he came on board with his humility and charm. He blew us away day in and day out with his talent, warmth and ability to reverse gear. " While the 36-year-old first publicly commented on the rumors of the relationship, the 27-year-old musician remained silent.

Seductive! You can see the new amazing figure of singer Adele , who is good friends with Harry Styles, here:

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