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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Fearless Poet, Publisher, and Bookseller, Is Dead at 101

  Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Fearless Poet, Publisher, and Bookseller, Is Dead at 101 Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the innovative bookseller and publisher of Ginsberg and Kerouac, one of the best friends free speech ever had, and the man who wrote that most anomalous thing—a poetry bestseller: A Coney Island of the Mind—died today at the age of 101. “If amendments had addresses, the address of the First Amendment would be right here at City Lights Books,” said historian Kevin Starr, standing outside Ferlinghetti’s legendary San Francisco bookstore at its 50th Anniversary in 2003 (City Lights was also the name of the poet’s equally celebrated publishing company). “You will never see the First Amendment so fully and so happily ensconced as it is here.

The American poet, publisher and painter Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died at the age of 101.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti im Jahr 1990 © Provided by www.rollingstone.de Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1990

The American poet, publisher and painter Lawrence Ferlinghetti has died at the age of 101.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti is dead. The Yonkers, New York-born poet, publisher and activist died on February 22, 2021 at the age of 101 in San Francisco. Ferlinghetti is considered one of the most influential figures in US post-war literature.

Publisher, Founder, Poet

Even if he differed significantly from the protagonists of the Beat Generation in many ways: Lawrence Ferlinghetti was without a doubt a link and pioneer of that literary American movement of the 1950s. Ferlinghetti founded the City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, San Francisco in 1953 - a meeting place for alternative, political and experimental literature that is still in existence in 2001 and named a "National Historic Landmark". Ferlinghetti made an important contribution to American literature as a publisher: in 1956 he published Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl" - and was sued for the poem's alleged profanity. Ferlinghetti won the court case - on the grounds that "Howl" had clear social relevance. Not least because of this, “Howl” became one of the most important poems of the 20th century.

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"A Coney Island of the Mind"

But Ferlinghetti not only published poetry and literature, he also wrote them - and was no less important and successful. His best-known works include the volumes of poetry "Pictures of the Gone World" (1955) and "A Coney Island of The Mind" (1958), which became one of the most popular American poetry volumes. Ferlinghetti, who was also active as a painter, published his last work, the novel “Little Boy”, in 2019. Even if his name is inextricably linked with the Beat Generation: he himself did not see himself in this group, whose members lived excessively absolutely belonging. "If anything, I was one of the last Bohemians and not one of the first beats," he once told the Guardian.

In one of his greatest poems, “I Am Waiting”, it says:

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“I am waiting to get some intimations of immortality by recollecting my early childhood and I am waiting for the green mornings to come again youth's dumb green fields come back again and I am waiting for some strains of unpremeditated art to shake my typewriter and I am waiting to write the great indelible poem and I am waiting for the last long careless rapture and I am perpetually waiting for the fleeing lovers on the Grecian Urn to catch each other up at last and embrace and I am awaiting perpetually and forever a renaissance of wonder ". Ferlinghetti leaves two children behind. His daughter Julie Ferlinghetti cited interstitial lung disease as the cause of her father's death.

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