Entertainment Weshare: Electric car sharing service started in Hamburg with VW ID 3

17:15  25 february  2021
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 Fire hazard: First German city blocks underground parking for e-cars If an electric car burns, it burns. The reason is actually always the battery. And it's extremely difficult to erase. That is why there is now a house ban for electric cars in Kulmbach. © Provided by Männersache E-car charges at the charging station House ban for e-cars The "house ban" is of course a garage ban and initially only applies to a specific public garage in the city center of Kulmbach. But the ban has what it takes to set a precedent.

VW starts its car sharing service Weshare in Hamburg. Customers can initially access 400 models of the VW ID 3 compact electric vehicle.

VWs Weshare startet in Hamburg durch. © Weshare VW's Weshare takes off in Hamburg.

One and a half years after the launch of Weshare in Berlin , VW's all-electric car sharing service is now also starting in Hamburg. The free-floating offer was originally supposed to start in 2020, but due to the corona pandemic, the operator decided to start later. The first fully networked compact power packs are now available for hire in the metropolis on the Elbe.

Weshare in Hamburg: From April with 800 ID 3

By April, Weshare wants to expand the offer in Hamburg to 800 ID 3. (Photo: Weshare)

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The late start gives Hamburgers a certain advantage, because instead of the 1,500 E-Golfs offered in Berlin and the 100 ID 3 s that were added in November 2020, Hamburg residents can fall back on the new model right from the start. At the start on February 25, 400 ID 3 s with 58 kilowatt-hour batteries and a range of around 425 kilometers will be distributed in the business area. From April the fleet is to be expanded to 800 models. Due to its range, the ID 3 can not only be used for inner-city journeys. The vehicle is also suitable for daily rentals and long-haul journeys, according to Weshare.

The weshare business area in Hamburg. The airport can be approached at an additional cost. (Screenshot: Weshare / t3n)

At 100 square kilometers, the business area is similar in size to the one in Berlin. According to the provider, it extends from Osdorf in the west to Billstedt in the east and from Fuhlsbüttel in the north to the Elbe in the south. Weshare thus reaches almost half of the Hamburg population, explains the provider.

Wild ride in Hamburg! St. Pauli celebrates Burgstaller

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The airport is not in the business area, but it can still be approached because it is a separate area, Weshare

told Sebastian Schaal from Electrive.net . However, there is an airport fee of seven euros. 40 designated parking spaces are available where customers can park or rent the vehicles. The access to the parking spaces and the billing of the airport fee are automated using license plate recognition. Weshare relies on charging partnerships for ID 3

In order not to have to rely on the existing public charging infrastructure, Weshare in Hamburg has entered into charging partnerships with the Volkswagen subsidiary Moia and the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland). On the one hand, the provider used the charging infrastructure at a Moia depot. In the future, it is planned that Weshare could use other depots and decentralized loading hubs from Moia. AC and DC charging points are also available for weshare at five Lidl stores owned by the Schwarz Group.

Hamburg's storks return from their winter quarters.

 Hamburg's storks return from their winter quarters. Hamburg's storks return from their winter quarters. "Four couples have already moved into their nest," said Hamburg's "stork father" Jürgen Pelch on Tuesday. The first stork in the Hanseatic city this season was the animal called Butsche. It landed on February 16 on the Altengammer main dike. "The early arrival time suggests that he wintered in Portugal or Spain," said the Nabu expert. "Now more of his kind are following." © Ursula Düren / dpa / archive image Two storks stand on a nest.

Weshare is also to be connected to the “HVV Switch” mobility portal in Hamburg so that customers can plan their journey using different means of transport. “The aim is to make the various mobility services available simply, conveniently and conveniently through digitization, in order to provide a powerful alternative to one's own car,” says Anjes Tjarks, Senator for Transport and Mobility Transition for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Partnership with Weshare.

That costs weshare. (Screenshot:

Weshare / t3n)

Weshare started in Berlin in summer 2019. In the capital, more than 100,000 registered customers can currently access 1,500 e-Golfs and 100 ID 3s. The

pricing model in Hamburg is identical to the in Berlin.

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