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15:13  02 march  2021
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Available since February 17 on Netflix, the series My friend Adèle (Behind Her Eyes in original version) is one of the successes of the moment since it ranks number 2 in the top 10 of the most popular programs. most viewed from the platform. If you are just discovering or have finished all 6 episodes, you might be wondering if the series with Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman and Simona Brown will have a season 2. The author of the novel on which the series is based spoke about it. This article does NOT contain end spoilers.

Mon amie Adèle : une saison 2 possible ? L'auteure s'exprime © Netflix My friend Adèle: a possible season 2? The author speaks

After the success of Lupine and The Chronicle of Bridgerton , new series are kiffing subscribers of Netflix in early March. On the platform, we were able to discover the German series Tribes of Europa planned to last 8 or 9 seasons , Ginny and Georgia which could well have a sequel or even My friend Adèle . This British series tells the story of Louise who will get closer to her boss, David, and become friends with the latter's disturbing wife, Adèle. Season 1 only has 6 episodes and one wonders if a sequel is planned.

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The author of My friend Adèle talks about the sequel

Unfortunately, nothing is less certain ... Before being a series, My friend Adèle is a novel written by Sarah Pinborough and published in 2017. The author was invested in this serial adaptation which is also quite faithful to the novel, including the shock end. So, is a season 2 in the works? "Not that I know of," the author told Express.co.uk in an interview. She doesn't completely close the door, however: "I'd be interested to see where they take the sequel because it's a pretty closed ending. But if it works well, who knows ..." she added.

You will understand, My friend Adèle was not originally planned to have a sequel. Especially since it is promoted as a "mini-series" whose story is therefore closed after a handful of episodes. But can the success of the series change Netflix's mind? Remember that the platform has decided to not to give season 2 to the series The Lady's Game which is also a mini-series and which was nevertheless a huge success in the world. We will therefore have to wait to find out more but it does not smell very good for a return of the characters.

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