Entertainment Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan left asking life's important questions after filming sci-fi movie Voyagers

05:30  08 april  2021
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Lily-Rose Depp hangs out with two friends in New York City

  Lily-Rose Depp hangs out with two friends in New York City Just days before her new movie Voyagers hits theaters, Lily-Rose Depp was spotted hanging out with some friends in New York City.The 21-year-old actress was seen checking her phone while out for a solo stroll on Monday afternoon.

Tye Sheridan and Lily Rose Depp tell us about making their sci - fi thriller Voyagers and how the movie depicts a possible future for our planet. If you haven’t seen the trailers, Voyagers takes place about forty years in the future and it’ s about a group of young men and women sent on a very long expedition to colonize a distant planet with the goal of saving the human race. As their mission unfolds, and with the passage of time, they uncover secrets about the way they are being managed, which leads them to exploring their most primitive natures.

With Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan , Lily - Rose Depp , Fionn Whitehead. Lily - Rose Depp : In ‘ Voyagers ,’ Deep Space & Deep Thoughts Converge 30 March 2021 | Hollywood Outbreak. Set in the near future, the film chronicles the odyssey of 30 young men and women who are sent deep into space on a multi-generational mission in search of Frequently Asked Questions . This FAQ is empty.

Hollywood young guns Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan take the reins in the new sci-fi thriller Voyagers.

Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Melody Depp posing for the camera: Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp are Hollywood's hottest young stars. © Getty Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp are Hollywood's hottest young stars.

Part Lord of the Flies, part The Hunger Games, this intense film set in outer space literally takes teen-angst to new levels.

The movie is the mastermind of director Neil Burger and sees Sela (Depp) and Christopher (Sheridan) lead a group of fellow teenagers on a mission to colonise a distant planet. 

But when they soon uncover disturbing secrets about the mission lead by Captain Richard Alling (played by Colin Farrell), the group turn on each other and chaos erupts. 

Lily-Rose Depp carries enormous bunch of colorful balloons in NYC

  Lily-Rose Depp carries enormous bunch of colorful balloons in NYC The 21-year-old was accompanied by a male friend and they enjoyed coffee to go as they strolled along. © Provided by Daily Mail Eye-catching: Lily-Rose Depp, 21, stepped out with a male friend in NYC on Easter Sunday carrying a large bunch of colorful balloons and coffee to go The daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis was dressed in a black quilted jacket and blue jeans.She wore her hair back from her face and had on a burgundy face mask.

And Lily - Rose Depp took a short break from filming sci - fi thriller Voyagers as she shared a sweet hug with co-star Colin Farrell in Bucharest, Romania, on Wednesday afternoon. The French-American actress, 20, looked typically stylish for her casual outing as she donned a casual grey top and Lily - Rose ' s latest project sees her become entangled in a complicated French love triangle in comedy film A Faithful Man. In the movie , Eve ( Lily - Rose ) finds herself drawn to Abel (Louis Garrel) who is in a complicated relationship with Marianne (Laetitia Casta). Meanwhile, Colin' s sighting comes after he

Lily - Rose Depp ' s comments come from her recent conversation with ET Online. Her big movie debut came with Kevin Smith' s 2016 movie Yoga Hosers, which saw her acting opposite her father Johnny Depp . But they haven't shared the screen since, although it seems like Lily - Rose is down to keep it As previously mentioned, Lily - Rose Depp has a number of film projects coming down the line. Perhaps the most highly anticipated is Neil Burger' s upcoming science fiction flick Voyagers . The project is hitting Netflix this weekend, and will see her in a leading role opposite X-Men actor Tye Sheridan .

Ironically, despite its sci-fi genre, 24-year-old Sheridan says it was the human-nature aspect that attracted him to the movie. 

"It has this real human element to it playing against the backdrop of this crazy space mission, and it's about young people who are trying to figure out how to navigate their way through the chaos that starts to unfold in the story," the actor tells 9Honey Celebrity while promoting the movie. 

"These characters, they're born and bred for this space mission and they don't really have any influence from society and from culture. Everything is kind of stripped-down, so it's really like bare-bones.

"That was fun to explore as an actor and something that attracted me to the role."

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( Lily - Rose Depp is also slated to appear in Dreamland, whose cast includes one Armie Hammer. What a small world, Hollywood.) (Given that Hu retweeted the Deadline article after publication, it would seem like her participation in the film has moved from “advanced discussion” to “confirmed.” The other tentative cast members have yet to comment on Twitter.) Little else is known about the film beyond its premise, which, according to Deadline, has been billed as a story about “30 children who are sent on a multigenerational mission to populate a new planet.

Trailer for sci - fi thriller Voyagers starring Tye Sheridan , Lily - Rose Depp and Colin Farrell. 03 March 2021. Lionsgate Movies has launched the first mind-bending trailer for the sci - fi feature ‘ Voyagers ’ featuring Colin Farrell and Ty Sheridan . With the future of the human race at stake, a group of young men and women, bred for intelligence and obedience, embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet.

And it's this psychological factor that also piqued interest from 21-year-old Depp, who is the daughter of veteran Hollywood star Johnny Depp.

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The actress plays the strong female lead in Voyagers, a film she says is a reflection of some themes prevalent in society today: fear, lust and hunger for power. 

"It takes place in space, which feels so far from home, but at the same time, it's so relatable because the characters are going through experiences that are so human and that really brings us back to our true nature and our vulnerabilities," she tells 9Honey Celebrity.

"I think there are a lot of parallels with what happens on the ship and what happens in everyday life." 

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For the young actress, the movie also left her asking questions about life and purpose both on and off the set.

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Exclusive: Lionsgate has acquired U. S . rights to Agc Studios and Thunder Road’ s sci - fi thriller Voyagers , reuniting the studio with The Upside writer-director Neil Burger. Shoot is underway in Romania on the feature whose ensemble cast we previously revealed to include Colin Farrell (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One), Lily - Rose Depp (The Dancer), Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Game of Thrones) and Chanté Adams (Roxanne Roxanne).

Colin Farrell (Dumbo), Lily - Rose Depp (Yoga Hosers), Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One) and Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) are all officially on board the film , while Isaac Hempstead Wright (Game of Thrones), Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Mudbound), Chante Adams (Roxanne Roxanne) and Madison Hu (Bizaardvark) are in advanced talks. However, when the captain is killed, the youngsters descend into chaos and assemble into various tribes as they surrender to their most feral impulses. Production on Voyagers is set to get underway in June. The post Colin Farrell, Lily - Rose Depp , Tye Sheridan

"[The film asks] all these questions that all of us are just trying to figure out — what our purpose is and all that," she explains. "We meet [Sela] at a really critical point in her life when she's figuring out a lot of things about herself and thinking about a lot of questions that are swimming around in her mind — about what her purpose is and what kind of person she wants to be, what her life is going to mean to her and others.

"I think we really see her come into herself in a lot of ways by the end of the film, so I was really interested to embark on that journey with her."

And it was 44-year-old Farrell who helped show the young cast the way during filming.

Playing their fearless leader Richard, Farrell was also like a father figure off-set for Depp, Sheridan and their other co-stars, such as Fionn Whitehead and Chanté Adams.

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"Colin is just an amazing guy. I had the best time working with him and getting to know him a little bit. I think it's extra special off-camera and in between takes," Depp says.

"He is just lovely and he really is a nice person and has no ego. He's just a really humble, down-to-earth guy and super easy to work with and super lovely to be around, so it was an amazing experience."

Voyagers is in cinemas on April 8.

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