Entertainment Thomas Lilti, Creator of Hippocrates: "Fiction gives a false image of the youth"

20:10  12 april  2021
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Hippocrates (Canal +): Has the COVID had an impact on season 2 of the medical series with Louise Bourgoin?

 Hippocrates (Canal +): Has the COVID had an impact on season 2 of the medical series with Louise Bourgoin? © Denis Manin / 31 June Movies / Canal + Hippocrates (Canal +): Has the COVID had an impact on season 2 of the medical series with Louise Bourgoin? While Zippocrate returns for a season 2 with Louise Bourgoin, we reveal if the COVID has had an impact, especially on the intrigues, of this ultra realistic medical series.

Réalisateur du film © Europe 1 Film director "First year" and the series "Hippocrates" including Canal + Diffuses at this moment the season 2, Thomas Lilti is the guest of the show "it feels good," Monday. He explains to Anne Roumanoff's microphone that he regrets the way French youth is still too often represented today.

Hippocrates The movie and the series, campaign doctor, first year ... To see the filmography of the director and screenwriter Thomas Lilti, one could believe it obsessed with his past of general practitioner. Invited Monday of the show It's good , he explains on the contrary that it is the youth and his questions that interest him, although he place them in a medical environment that is familiar to him. "When I make the movie first year on the students, finally, they are not yet doctors. What I like is to show young people who are not idle," he explains.

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"This is also the case in the Hippocrate series. I show young people who are not without desires, who Are not lazy, who do not just think about going out and drinking alcohol. It is often the image we have of youth and who is conveyed in particular by fiction, "regrets Thomas Lilti. "While this image is wrong."

"I want to show, tell their story"

and to show a different picture of the youth, Thomas Lilti did not need to look for the inspiration very far. "Around me, I have a lot of young people who want to take charge of their future, want to work, want to learn things and have knowledge," he observes. "And that, I want to tell him."

But it is especially the questionings, sometimes existential, of this youth that Thomas Lilti wanted to tell in the season 2 of Hippocrates, currently broadcast on Canal +. "They ask themselves the real questions: What is hearing? What is it to take care of others? In what is legitimate in a job? We have the right to make mistakes and or start the lie? What is my place in society? ", List the director and screenwriter. "Young people ask themselves these questions. I want to show, tell their story to them. That's what interests me."

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