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02:25  16 april  2021
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HPI (TF1): The new series with Audrey Fleurot arrives on April 29

 HPI (TF1): The new series with Audrey Fleurot arrives on April 29 The actress embodies a police consultant, not like the others! © Philippe Leroux / TF1 The comedian embodies a police consultant, not like the others! Thursday, April 29, TF1 will launch its new police series: HPI, high intellectual potential . In the main role, we find the comedian Audrey Fleurot, back in a fiction of the first chain after the success of the Bazaar of Charity , in 2019.

In the clip she films her five - year - old ’s incredibly messy room, with toys strewn across the floor. Speaking in the video she said: “When you ask your child for two days in a row to clean his room and his response is ‘no you clean it mommy.’ “You make the mess, clean it up. You see momma struggling, help her. Don’t sit there and let a woman struggle periodt (sic). “My babies will learn this quickly.” Tabatha admitted that the ‘extreme’ approach was difficult, but she was determine to teach her son a lesson.

Nicholas's twin brother, Timothy, and his parents were all injured. It was an intensely moving moment as the couple arrived in an ambulance for their son 's wedding. Mountbatten's murder meant that Broadlands became the newlyweds' first and only home. Feelings ran so high that opponents of the development carried a ­burning effigy of their High Steward through the streets of Romsey. The supermarket was never built. Meanwhile the family's original closeness to those in The Firm came through Norton's friendship with Prince Charles.

Audrey Fleurot : sa blague originale faite à son fils de 5 ans © Bruno Bebert / Bestimage Audrey Fleurot: his original joke made to his son of 5 years she does not lack creativity. In a recently testered interview with TV magazine, Audrey Fleurot reveals the original joke reserved for his son Lou, aged 5, on the occasion of Easter.

The egg hunt of the little Lou slippery would be far from over. Because, in a recent interview with TV magazine, his mother Audrey Fleuro says she has booked her an original joke. "With my 5 year old son, I'm very strong for events, while his dad [director Djibril slipping, NDLR] ensures the daily", entrusts the actress, "for Easter, I planned eggs for two days in improbable places . In my opinion, they will still be there in five years. " Between two shots, the gear and the Bazaar of Charity gives all the time that it can offer to his son, now derelée of his concerns.

Obituary: HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

  Obituary: HRH the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, won widespread respect for his steadfast and constant support of the Queen. It was a desperately difficult role for anyone, let alone a man who had been used to naval command and who held strong views on a wide range of subjects.Yet it was that very strength of character that enabled him to discharge his responsibilities so effectively, and provide such wholehearted support to his wife in her role as Queen.As male consort to a female sovereign, Prince Philip had no constitutional position.

'The family have had to implement his wishes in the best way they can,' he said. He stressed that the decision for the two princes to move apart from Mr Phillips and go into the chapel separately was a 'practical' one, as they could not have walked three abreast through the door while social distancing. 'During his visits to our sites he engaged with hundreds of employees and demonstrated his impressive knowledge and deep interest in vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing. 'The duke was a truly remarkable man and will be greatly missed.' Prince Philip used Land Rovers throughout his adult life

She tried to explain his problems to her best friend, but he just (not/understand) what she was talking about. What have you put in my salad? It (taste) absolutely disgusting. Anna always claimed that she did everything on her own, but for many years no one (believe) her. It’s a stunning dress, but it (not/belong) to me. One way or another, “teens want to gossip, complain, compare notes, share passions and joke around,” Boyd adds. “They want to be able to talk among themselves—even if that means (10) _”. Exercise 6 (20 points).

In 2016, and while Lou was still a baby, she admits to peine to reconcile her daily lives on the filming trays and her young mother's life. "It's difficult because I do not see it much ", then explain to the TV star magazine, "and I can not imagine taking it with me on the shoots because it would be to cry And it would wave everyone. " Fortunately, his loved ones help him willingly. "I set up a really great grandmother relay. Now, I would like my son to say 'Mom' the day I'm here . " A balance she has forced to find . "A big baby blues"

because during her pregnancy, Audrey Fleurar alternates between movies and successful series, without ever catching her breath. And when Loue comes to the world, November 19, 2015,

the 43-year-old actress is sinking. "It turns out, after having a lot desired my son, I did what is called a big baby blues ," she recalled with the site the Huffpost in 2018. In question, in particular, , the exhaustion linked to a particularly charged professional time. "I did not have time to look at me. Nine months, it's the time it takes to get to the idea. And as I did not have time to enjoy it, I think it took me the nine months following . "

The man who wouldn't be king

  The man who wouldn't be king They met as children, at his cousin's wedding. Philip and Elizabeth's paths would eventually cross again, but in the years before they became an iconic couple, the blue-eyed, ash-blond boy earned a reputation as a ladies' man and distinguished naval officer.The groom barely stole a glance as they walked up the aisle.

Otou continues to live with his wife, Yumi, who perseveres in making conversation with him but has only ever received a nod or a grunt in response for 20 years . And sure enough, a meeting was arranged between them in the park where they had their first date, as their emotional children watched on. Their son Yoshiki (second from right), who wrote into a TV show asking them to fix the situation as he had never heard them have a conversation. Their emotional children - who have not heard their parents utter a word in conversation - watched on as it unfolded. Otou later explained that he has

Father arrested after his five - year - old son 'brought a bag of heroin to school and told a teacher he turns into Spider-Man when he tastes it'. Authorities say Garcia's son allegedly brought a bag with a powdery substance inside to H.B. Lawrence Elementary School on Thursday. He told a kindergarten teacher that be becomes Spider-Man when he eats or tastes the substance. Officers discovered more than 200 bags of heroin and cocaine after searching Garcia's home.

followed a difficult daily life, the interested party being anxiously

by his new role . A feeling that ends up flying to give way to relief. "If I had been told earlier that it was not my fault, that was a blow of the hormones, that could not do anything and that I had to take a treatment for To crop me, I would have lost less time, "lamented Audrey Fleurot. From now on, she is part of these celebrities who do everything to eradicate the taboo around the postpartum depression ... while cherishing his moments of happiness with Lou.

Audrey Fleurot: his little stratagem to overcome his absence from his son .
© Pierre Perusseau / Bestimage Audrey Fleurot: his little stratager to overcome his absence from his son despite his absences related to the different filming, Actress Audrey Fleurot is like a caring mother. In the last telephone number 7 days, the 43-year-old comedy confides on his relationship with his son Lou, 5 years old. Audrey Fleurot is an accomplished actress even though the path leading to success has not always been easy .

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