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Why is Everyone Surprised by How Cool Milwaukee Is?

  Why is Everyone Surprised by How Cool Milwaukee Is? This is the latest in our series on underrated destinations, It's Still a Big World. In the ’70s, Milwaukee was known for the upbeat TV shows Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days; in fact, the “Bronze Fonz” statue that gleams over the Milwaukee River is a persistent reminder of what some consider to be the city’s glory days. In the ’80s, Jeffrey Dahmer took over as the city’s (very!) unfortunate claim to fame and, at one point, when I’d tell people I’m from Milwaukee, their first reaction would be “Oh, that’s where Jeffery Dahmer is from!” Indeed, it is.

Justin Theroux declined a leading role in hit TV drama Lost, because he simply "wasn't interested".

Justin Theroux looking at the camera © Provided by Cover Media Justin Theroux

Co-creator Damon Lindelof revealed the Mulholland Drive star was one of the people he had in mind to portray spinal surgeon Jack Shephard on the survival series, but he politely turned down the opportunity - and the role eventually went to Matthew Fox.

"Justin looking and sounding the way that he does, instantly the town (Hollywood bosses) decides, 'We're going to groom this guy to be the star of a Marvel movie,'" producer and screenwriter Lindelof told Esquire magazine as part of a Theroux cover story.

Brazilian pilot survives 38 days in Amazon after crash

  Brazilian pilot survives 38 days in Amazon after crash Antonio Sena was flying a single-prop Cessna 210 over the Brazilian Amazon when the engine suddenly stopped, leaving him minutes to find a spot in the jungle to crash-land. Flying at an altitude of about 1,000 meters (3,000 feet), he knew when the engine stopped halfway there he would not have much time. He managed to bring the plane over a valley, and landed as best he could.Covered in gasoline, he grabbed whatever seemed useful -- a backpack, three bottles of water, four soft drinks, a sack of bread, some rope, an emergency kit, a lantern and two lighters -- and got out of the plane as fast as possible.

"There's a reason that you look at his filmography and there aren't twenty-five movies and TV shows that he's worked on. It isn't for a lack of opportunity. It's because he's very selective about what he chooses to do," he explained.

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Will Smith walking down the street: Some of them are kicking themselves now, while others took it with a grain of salt. The best-known characters in American film are forever linked to the actors who portrayed them, but those actors weren’t always the studio’s first choice.

"When we were casting Lost, he was definitely on the Jack list. He wasn't interested," Lindelof recalled.

Instead, Theroux decided to hone his writing skills and went on to release Hollywood satire Tropic Thunder - a move which came as a shock to Lindelof.

"It was like, 'Oh my God, Justin Theroux's a comedy writer?'" he marvelled.

The two would eventually find the right opportunity to work together on another TV drama, The Leftovers, in 2014, although Lindelof wasn't sure Theroux was quite right for the main part of Kevin Garvey.

"I was like, 'That guy is way too good-looking to pull it off,'" he remembered, quipping: "Then he came in and read, and I was like, 'This guy is a very, very, very good actor, in spite of his good looks.'"

Cicada Brood X’s legacy: Bird babies and well-fertilized trees .
The insect eruption will send ripples through the ecosystem that researchers can detect even years after they disappear.Next month, billions of cicadas will erupt from the earth across parts of the eastern US, crawl up trees, shed their skin, and begin a loud hunt for mates.

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