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13:40  04 may  2021
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What ‘Taking the Pandemic Seriously’ Means Now

  What ‘Taking the Pandemic Seriously’ Means Now We need new laws, new policies, and new scientific processes to ensure that we never have to go through this again. We need to pandemic-proof America—and, just as urgently, to pandemic-proof the world.So how do we do that? We can (and should) talk about better testing, or better ventilation, or clearer public-health communications. But all of these solutions are provincial compared with the single best way to pandemic-proof the planet: We need to vaccinate the world much, much faster.Global vaccine inequality is stark.

during countries like Israel already diligently vaccinated during pregnancy, there is still restraint in Germany. Justified?

Schwangere Frau hält ihren Bauch © Zeitjung Pregnant woman holds her belly

These are cases that are self-classified by experienced intensive care physicians. More and more pregnant women, mostly around the 30 years old and without pre-existence that are actually in the midst of life, must be treated at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf with a heavy corona disease course. While only a comparable case has been given throughout the last year, as Stefan Kluge, Director of the Clinic for Intensive Medicine on the UKE vis-à-vis the German Press Agency (DPA), had already given seven cases in the university hospital in the first few months of 2021. According to

America’s Challenge Isn’t Vaccine Hesitancy. It’s COVID-19 Denialism.

  America’s Challenge Isn’t Vaccine Hesitancy. It’s COVID-19 Denialism. Reluctance to get vaccinated is concentrated among young conservatives, who are skeptical of the pandemic’s harms.The researchers found widespread hesitation. Nearly two-thirds of Americans were unwilling to receive a shot. But those qualms were relatively evenly distributed in the population. Older people were more willing to get the vaccine than younger ones, and white and Latino people (about 37 percent each) were more willing than Black people (25 percent). Democrats (39.6 percent) were more willing than Republicans (32.2 percent), but the spread was small.

guesses, the pregnant women are at their own children who already have them. The problem? According to Kluge, they have increased risk for a serious course, as the immune system is generally reduced slightly and the oxygen uptake is reduced. To make matters worse, the variant B.1.1.7 is added, which stands under the suspicion of being infectious and to cause heavier diseases. "In Germany, we now have much more infections with younger under 50 years, including children," says Kluge. A consequence of it is that even pregnant women are easier to achieve for the virus.

A study from the US published in the scientific journal "Jama Internal Medicine" on January 15, 2021 confirms the larger danger facility for pregnant women by Covid-19. An investigation of 400,000 pregnancies from the United States revealed that the risk of heart attack in sickness pregnant women is about 27 times, for the death of the mother's death. Also for the fetus there is the increased risk of premature birth or a todbirth.

Poorer countries might not get Covid-19 vaccinated until 2023

  Poorer countries might not get Covid-19 vaccinated until 2023 This inequality is baked into the vaccine manufacturing process.If these glaring inequities in vaccine access continue, it will take at least two years for the world’s poorest countries, who couldn’t compete for early doses of vaccines, to immunize 60 percent of their populations.

vaccinating and pregnancy - is this?

The answer of many countries? Vaccinate what the stuff holds, even or especially the pregnant countries such as Israel or even neighboring France make it. In Germany, however, there is still restraint, too great is the concern that pregnancy and vaccine are incompatible.

opposite the ARD magazine contrasts contradicts Ekkehard Schlußner, Professor of Obstetrics at the University of Jena and Director of the Women's Clinic there. "I hear that again and again, but that's completely wrong." He demands that priority should be prioritized when the will is there.

also the virologist Christian Drost tries to calm down and summarizes a study of the "New England Journal of Medicine" , which examined more than 35,000 pregnant women in the USA. Thus, the vaccine for pregnant women "in principle is not a risk," but increases more promotion reactions such as a painful arm.

The world could be doing much more to help India

  The world could be doing much more to help India Countries can’t go it alone in tackling Covid-19.Now, there are so many people with severe Covid-19 that health care workers like him in several cities have to make difficult decisions about which patients to move to the ICU, who gets put on a ventilator, whom to give oxygen — if those options are even available.

opposes the (still) missing recommendation of the permanent vaccination committee , short stiko. This states that so far only pregnant women with pre-existing conditions should be vaccinated according to appropriate consideration.

so does not remain much, as the recommendations circulating in recent months repeat again and again. Clever appeals to the German Press Agency to Pregnantes, behavioral rules for protection against contagion particularly strictly adhering to and, if possible, to draw up vaccination together with the doctor, the partner * in ascended as possible.

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Beers, doughnuts, and discounts: The growing list of vaccine freebies .
Half of American adults have received one vaccine dose. Could incentives close the gap?Major corporations began announcing initiatives that “strongly encouraged” employee vaccination as early as February, with some offering extra pay and bonuses. As of late, however, such messaging has been geared toward the general public. In May, the White House announced a nationwide partnership with Uber and Lyft to offer free rides to and from vaccination sites from May 24 until July 4; it will also work with national grocery chains, retailers, and sports leagues to offer discounts and promotions for those who have been vaccinated.

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