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14:45  04 may  2021
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of the 34,730 Euro expensive Seat Leon Cupra 300 enters consumption check.

  Seat Leon Cupra 300 - Kosten und Realverbrauch © Hans-Dieter Seufert

The Seat Leon Cupra 300 is not a performer, no Rampensau and plays his 300 hp loose-casual and without great cancel. There is no blood, there is no pulse: The Cupra is slightly in the hand and does not have to be tied with big gestures. But he has vulnerabilities. In traction approx. Swing on the test track: With little slippage, the Leon starts perfectly until the boost pressure uses and turn the tires - that's time. And what about the fuel and maintenance costs?

Our Test Consumption

SEAT Specifies a NEFZ standard consumption of 6.9 liters of Super Plus for Leon Cupra 300 . From this value he removes himself in everyday life. We have identified an average consumption of 9.0 liters, which causes sprit costs from 13.95 euros to 100 kilometers. On the Eco Round, the SEAT consumed 7.0 liters, while he approved 9.0 liters on the commuter line. If the SEAT was moving athletic, the consumption rose to 11.2 liters. The fuel costs calculate based on the most daily fuel price on our partner portal more-tanken.de (27.04.2021 / Super Plus: 1.55 Euro / liter).

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monthly maintenance costs

Who drives so resource-saving as we on our eco round, pushes the fuel costs for 100 kilometers to 10.85 euros. The rather heavy gait results in a sum of 17.36 euros. The vehicle tax costs € 166 per year for SEAT, the liability insurance is 338 euros. Partial and fully comprehensive composition with additional 188 or 484 euros to be booked. Monthly maintenance costs of 313 euros pays who drives the SEAT 15,000 kilometers a year. If the mileage is double, the sum increases to 568 euros. We leave the loss of value in this invoice.

This is how

is tested the car engine and sports test consumption consists of three differently weighted consumption rides. 70 percent makes the so-called "commuter consumption". This is a journey from the place of residence to the workplace, which measures average 21 kilometers. With 15 percent, a particularly sparingly driven, approx. 275 kilometers long eco-round goes into the rating. The remaining 15 percent accounts for the sports driver round. The length is similar to the eco round, but the route guidance contains a larger highway content and thus higher speeds. The calculation basis for fuel costs always forms the price of the portal "refuel" from the day of article creation.

The monthly maintenance costs include maintenance, wearing part costs and vehicle taxes at an assumed annual mileage of 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers without loss of value. The basis of the calculation is the test consumption, a three-year holding period, damage-free class SF12 for adhesive and comprehensive insurance at allianz including benefits for garages and the restriction to certain drivers (not under 21). SF12 exposes the Alliance a discount rate of 34 percent for liability and 28 percent for the fully comprehensive.

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