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celebrities under palm trees: Chris Töpperwien clearly introduces: no one was beaten in the villa

 celebrities under palm trees: Chris Töpperwien clearly introduces: no one was beaten in the villa 12 celebrities (and those who would be happy), a villa in Thailand and a lot of trouble. So " celebrities under palm trees " 2021 looked. But while you read headlines in terms of bullying last year, it should have come to drug parties and misleading this year.

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Billie Piper has ruled out making a full time return to Doctor Who - but has cast her vote for who she would like to see take over as the next Doctor.

The actress, 38, who played Rose Tyler - a companion to the Doctor in series one and two- would like to see Helena Bonham Carter cast as the next Doctor.

However, Billie said she has no intention on taking on the role of Rose again because of the workload and the pressures of being on a high-profile programme.

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Speaking to Total Film magazine, she said: 'I couldn't. It's so much work! It's the face of a family show and that's a lot of responsibility that I'm not comfortable with.'

Jennifer Lopez has 'a lot of love' for Ben Affleck

  Jennifer Lopez has 'a lot of love' for Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez still has “a lot of love” for her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck, after the pair were spotted spending time together over the weekend.The ‘Hustlers’ star was spotted spending time with the 48-year-old actor over the weekend, and sources have now said the pair still “admire” each other and have maintained a close friendship since their two-year relationship ended in 2004.

But as speculation mounts that Jodie Whittaker is set to step down from the title role as Doctor Who after the next series, Billie said she would like to see the Crown star, 54, take on the role as she has 'that madcap energy'.

Asked who should be up next for the main role in the sci-fi series, she said: 'Oh I know who! Helena Bonham Carter. She's just got that madcap energy. She's a ruddy powerhouse.'

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Billie briefly reprised her role as Rose since leaving the show, in a three-episode stint in 2008 and in the 50th anniversary special 'The Day of the Doctor' in 2013.

Last October, Billie spoke with her former co-star on his podcast, David Tennant Does A Podcast With..., as they recalled their time working on Doctor Who together.

Thousands of historical treasures from pioneer Sloane family sell at auction

  Thousands of historical treasures from pioneer Sloane family sell at auction One of Australia's oldest farming and trading families puts some of its extraordinary collection of pioneering memorabilia under the hammer.Last week, more than 2,000 historical treasures from the family's estate were sold at auction online.

The I Hate Suzie star said the buzz that surrounded the series was similar to how it felt at the height of her music career, remembering how crowds would show up to watch them filming.

She said: 'I'd been there before and it's an uncomfortable position for me. I've never really liked that. You become this thing to people and you don't really have any part in that.

Billie Piper, David Tennant are posing for a picture: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

'And so you have to behave a certain way or at least try to, and that's quite annoying.

'It's not the worst thing in the world, but it means that you can't be yourself entirely. And it means that you become incredibly guarded. And for me, reclusive, always.'

This comes as last month, Billie told how she battled through similar mental health issues to Britney Spears.

Britney, 39, famously suffered a public breakdown in 2008 after checking out of rehab, which saw her shave her head and attack paparazzi with an umbrella.

Britney Spears' fans call BBC documentary 'chilling'

  Britney Spears' fans call BBC documentary 'chilling' BBC's Britney Spears documentary The Battle For Britney: Fans, Cash And A Conservatorship aired on Wednesday. And viewers were left shocked by what was uncovered by journalist Mobeen Azhar, calling the show 'chilling' and threw their support behind the #FreeBritney campaign as a result, despite the singer calling it 'hypocritical'. Since 2008 Britney has been under a conservatorship order, which means her father Jamie and others control what she does, who she sees and how she spends her money, which they say is to protect her following years of mental health struggles.

And Billie, who shot to fame as a popstar aged 15, has recalled how working 18-hour days and having a 'lack of control' over everything had a very 'negative impact' on her life.

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Looking back on her early years, Billie told how working relentlessly to become a music star took a toll on her mental health and eventually led to an eating disorder.

Speaking to the Happy Place podcast, the mother-of-three explained: 'I don't know anyone who worked as hard as I did at 15.

'It was a combination of burnout, the trauma of becoming really famous, being disconnected with my family, a lack of control in my life – hence the eating disorder.'

She went on: 'I also felt I was a teenager and changing emotionally and psychologically so much. When I think of the life I lived as a child, with an 18-hour working day and never seeing my family, I see how it negatively impacted my life.'

At 15-years-old, Billie became the youngest female artist to bag a number one on the UK singles chart with her debut track Because We Want To.

She went on to have another number one with her follow-up track Girlfriend and best selling album Honey to the B.

Drew Barrymore gets tattoo during talk show

  Drew Barrymore gets tattoo during talk show Drew Barrymore got a tattoo on her talk show on Thursday (06.05.21) when she welcomed 'Ink Master' star Ryan Ashley onto the programme.The 46-year-old actress welcomed 'Ink Master' star Ryan Ashley onto her eponymous programme and had him etch the words 'Home is where we are' onto her arm during the programme, because the phrase means a lot to her.

Looking back on how her life was, the former Doctor Who star added: 'My experience is one I just escaped from but it could have gone one or two ways.'

Like Billie, Britney was a teen pop sensation, with Billie noting she relates Britney's troubled time and mental struggles.

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'You think: 'It is so easy not to come out of that alive or without any trust and without some crippling mental health issue'.

Billie controversially married radio DJ Chris Evans in Las Vegas in 2001, with their union raising eyebrows as Billie was just 18 while Chris was 35.

She went on to say how their three-year romance was her 'healing years' as it allowed her to freely eat and drink as she wanted.

She added: 'I needed them so badly and it also gave me space to reinvent with acting.'

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Prince Harry and Orlando Bloom bonded over paparazzi .
Prince Harry and Orlando Bloom have grown a close bond since becoming neighbours in Santa Barbara.The Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are neighbours with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his fiancee Katy Perry in Santa Barbara, and the pair are regularly in contact over the photographers that scout the area waiting to grab their money shots of the A-listers.

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