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14:55  10 may  2021
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Tom Cruise: his new and amazing anger on the shooting of "mission impossible 7"

 Tom Cruise: his new and amazing anger on the shooting of Tom Cruise would have lost his nerves again on the filming of the film "Mission impossible 7". © Abaca Tom Cruise would have lost his nerves again on the shooting of the movie "Mission impossible 7". Tom Cruise Would it be a great character? Last December, during the shooting of "mission impossible 7" many times delayed because of the pandemic, the star had come out of his gonds after seeing two technicians, too close to a computer screen, without respecting barrier gestures .

pandemic shooting when it appears, standing on a train, on a photo revealed by the magazine "Empire", Tom Cruise evokes the difficulties of filming "Impossible mission 7", which has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mission Impossible 7 : Tom Cruise évoque les défis du tournage en temps de pandémie © Paramount Pictures France Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise evokes the challenges of pandemic shooting

since 1996, Tom Cruise regularly proves us that nothing is really impossible for him on a big screen. But the filming of the seventh opus of the saga of which he is the star and the producer faced a unprecedented challenge, which goes beyond his crazy Cascades: the pandemic of Coronavirus who put Hollywood and the world of cinema at The judgment, and impacted the shots that then resumed.

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While is displayed at the back cover of the last number , Tom Cruise returns to the pages of the Empire magazine on these new difficulties to which he had to face as a producer of mission impossible 7 :

"I produced between 30 and 40 films. I am responsible for thousands, if you are tens of thousands," , "he explains. "All my friends in the middle, they work in the distribution or in my team, said 'What will we do? I could lose my house!"

"so I said to the studio and Rest of the industry 'We go back. We will allow everyone to reworking. We will start shooting this summer again. And we will find how to do it cautiously.' "

" We worked 7 days a week, 24 hours, to handle emotions that were very strong in others and help them overcome that. We had to create protocols with studios and insurance companies, and deal with the laws of each country, for their country. Guarantee how we would turn on the spot. Sometimes people say 'we will not succeed.' And I repeated it 'it will be done'. "

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Tom Cruise Gives Empire The Lowdown On Getting The Set Of Mission: Impossible 7 Back Up and Running The Pandemic: https://t.co/mhe9gkzowg pic.twitter.com/ggcb2rwjve

- Empire magazine (@empirremagazine) May 8, 2021

standing on the side of a train on this photo unveiled by the magazine (which does not seem to be derived from a plan of the film since there is a technical equipment ), Tom Cruise went through Italy, England, Norway, Poland and the Middle East for the purposes of this opus again staged by Christopher McQuarrie .

If the scenario is always secret at the moment, you have to expect a few known heads. Like those of Vyre RHAMES , Rebecca Ferguson and Simon Pegg . Or Vanessa Kirby , back after his debut in the previous opus . Not to mention Henry Czerny , who takes back the role he held in front of the brian camera of Palma in 1996.

to know his place in the plot, it will probably be able to wait until the exit of the feature film . Who was postponed from November 17 to May 25, 2022 on our screens. But can we expect a first teaser, now that the promotion officially started with this passage in the pages of Empire?

"Mission Impossible 7": more waterfalls and less gaffes?

Russia and the U.S. Are Racing to Film the First Movie in Space .
The space race was a notable time in history where multiple countries rushed to outdo each other's spaceflight capabilities. Well, now we have the race to film in space. Humans have conquered some of the most difficult filming locations, whether they be underwater, in the air or on Mount Everest. But the final filming frontier is space, and two countries are racing to get there first. The contenders Last year, it was reported NASA would assist Hollywood actor Tom Cruise with his ambitions to film a movie in space. Cruise is known for filming all his daredevil stunts himself, and he won't be dropping the ball when it comes to going to space.

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