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19:25  14 may  2021
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If your rhododendron is painted in the garden and needs a back, you should definitely pay attention when cutting these important points!

Rhododendron schneiden © Provided by my beautiful garden Rhododendron Cut

Many people ask yourself if you can cut an rhododendron at all. The answer is: Yes. A nourishing cut of the shoots to get shape and size tolerate rhododendren easily. Put on the stick - so cut the shrub radically back - should you only, if you have rooted well in the planting place for several years and has grown further further. Rhododendrons, who have not developed properly since planting, often have no roots in the garden floor. These shrubs do not recover from a strong back.

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Basically, the cut of a rhododendron is rarely necessary, for example when the shrub is charged or with extremely pest infestation. Then you should pay attention to do not make the following error when cutting.

Error 1: Recklitt at the wrong time

Basically, a rhododendron can be cut in February and March or from July to September. However, who cuts the shrub in the spring, will not face flowers this year. Also a back later has a negative effect on flowering in the following year. Since the plants already invest their flowers in the previous year, a nozzle of the shoots will always result in a reduced bloom next year. Therefore, it is best to fit the time directly after flowering for a rejuvenation section on the rhododendron. Then the plant over the summer still has enough time to rebuild again and create her buds.

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Rhododendron schneiden © Tstock / Photos1st Rhododendron Cut Error 2: Cutting whenverting

The Rhododendron Care must be decided: either MAN plants the rhododendron by or you cut it. Do not plan both measures at the same time! The transplants in the garden is a precarious matter for the decorative bush. A rhododendron sometimes needs several years until he is well and firmly rooted at the new location. Only then can he be confessed to him with the garden shears too. If one cuts off the rhododendron a lot of leaf mass, the shrub can not build enough root pressure to provide sufficient water and nutrients. Then there will be no new rush more and the ornamental plant lands on the trash.

decorative gardens five reasons why your rhododendron does not flow End April starts the season of evergreen flower miracles from the Far East. For many hobby gardeners, however, she ends disappointing - because the expensive Rhododendron just does not flow. Here you read what causes that can have. Learn More Decorative Gardens Rhododendron Plant: How to Save the Flower Bump A rhododendron sets high demands on the floor. If you transplant your weakening rhododendron in time, he also blooms again. Learn More Errors 3: Do not remove brown flower buds

Many rhododendrons find themselves in the early summer brown, bonded flower buds occupied with gray-brown fluff. They are the host for the purpose of the rhododendronzicade (Graphocephala Fennahi). This pest deposits its eggs in the flower buds. Through the injuries of the budding shell, a harmful fungus (Pycnostysanus azaleae) can spread on the rhododendron, which causes the so-called bud tan. Break the brown blossoms as soon as possible and dispose of your household waste. Forget this care measure, will soon teem the whole shrub from the cicadas. Another fight is difficult.

Topic Rhododendron Cicade: Thus, they prevent black buds a fungus that is transmitted through the rhododendron cicade, leaves the buds of the decorative dwrying. So recognize and fight the pest. Learn More

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