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14:06  07 june  2021
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Noel Gallagher has joked he would end up "knifing" his brothers if he ever had to write a song in the studio with them.

Noel Gallagher wearing sunglasses and a hat © Bang Showbiz Noel Gallagher

The 54-year-old guitarist has two siblings, older brother Paul and younger brother Liam, and despite making seven studio albums with Liam, 48, when they were in Oasis together, Noel insists he can think of nothing worse than having to sit down and create a song with the singer, as he prefers to be a “lone Wolf songwriter”.

He said: “It’s a gift to co-write ... I’d kill my f****ing two brothers if I had to write a song with them, I'd f***ing knife the pair of them.

“To sit in a room with other people to write a song is a special talent. I wasn't born with that talent.

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“It's a gift, and it's something that I really struggle with, my skill set lies in being the kind of lone wolf songwriter.”

Noel made his comments whilst discussing his life-long passion for the Bee Gees, admitting he never ceases to be amazed by the fact that the brothers, Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb, were able to work together and co-write for so many years without having the bust-ups he and Liam would had before one final fight ended Oasis in 2009.

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In an interview with WorldWide FM, Noel said: “Those three guys I would say are not that special solo. I don't own any of their solo records. It's a gift to be able to collaborate.

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“Pre-1987. The Bee Gees for me was Saturday Night Fever and all that, I knew they were from Manchester I didn't take a great deal of notice of them. And a friend of mine who was not a friend, but he was one of the roadies for the other bands. So all the three Manchester bands Inspiral Carpets, The Stones and the Happy Mondays all had the same pool of road crew

“So one of these guys called Phil Smith, still works for me to this day, he's my tour DJ, great guy, we call him Phil Spectator ... He played all this early 60s, mid 60s stuff. I was knocked out cold. I couldn't believe it. It kickstarted a life-long obsession with that band, and I've loved them ever since.

"I just love the story of that band. And I was lucky enough to meet them down the years, separately, and they were just a proper proper, proper songwriting machine. I'm even having Saturday Night Fever now. I love it. I've got the utmost respect for them. And, yeah, I love them and they speak to me.

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"It’s the melodies and the songwriting, but also the fact that they come from where I come from, and their brothers and all that. And it's great songs, great voices, they’re just great.”

On Monday (07.06.21), Noel released new song ‘Flying On The Ground’, the second track from his upcoming best of album ‘Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)’.

Speaking about the song, Noel said: “'Flying On The Ground' is literally the best thing I’ve released since the last thing I released. If Burt Bacharach wrote for Motown this is what it would sound like … only not as good … obviously.”

‘Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)’ is released this Friday (11.06.21) and the 18-track compilation is comprised of music personally chosen by Noel from his three solo albums three EPs released under the Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds banner to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his solo career.

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