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14:15  09 june  2021
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Le cri d'alerte de femmes atteintes d'un cancer du sein face à la pénurie de médicament © Adobe Stock Women's alert cry with breast cancer Faced with drug shortage

The metastatic negative triple breast cancer is the most severe form of the disease. But a medicine can lengthen a few months - or even doubling - the life expectancy of the patients: the Todelvy.

"According to official figures, the survival median is 14 months," explains to FranceInfo Claude broker, achieving this cancer and founder of the collective #MobilizationTriplets. "Fourteen months, it's short. So, this medicine, it allows to double the life expectancy," she ensures. Only

, a major problem stands between French patients (they are about 600 to be involved, reports AFP ) and treatment. Beyond the fact that it is still pending European authorizations, it is only achieved by the American Gilead laboratory, holder of the patent, which declares that they do not have sufficient production capacity to provide Europe.

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The French headquarters of the company, however, advances a solution: by exclusive to those who need it most.

"And the others, we let them die?"

"We are under construction of this capacity for Europe and for other countries elsewhere, outside the United States," details in FranceEinfo Michel Joly, President of Gilead France. For the manager, we still have to wait a few months in order to have access to this side of the Atlantic. "We will have a medicine that will be available at the time of the European marketing authorization, that is, at the end of the year."

A delay of concern for women who, precisely, do not possess this precious time. What Michel Joly answers: "But in the meantime, of course, aware of the situation of these patients, we were able to take a few thousand bottles on American production to give access to Trodelvy a few dozen patients who are in a situation. 'emergency." 78, exactly, selected on criteria that remain fuzzy until a factory is built in Italy, specifies the media.

The cancer patients being treated in their homes due to COVID

  The cancer patients being treated in their homes due to COVID Doctors in Italy fear another health emergency may soon arise – of non-COVID patients neglected during the pandemic.Ermelinda has been self-isolating for nearly two months after she – and then her husband – caught the coronavirus. The hope is that today her PCR test will show a negative result and that she will be able to resume her chemotherapy, for the breast cancer she has been battling on and off for 30 years. It is recommended that cancer patients with COVID suspend their chemotherapy treatment as it can increase the risk of severe complications from the virus.

For Claude broker, it's far from sufficient. Because she is hammering: no question of sorting. All patients should be able to benefit from this chance to see their days multiply. "78 women, it's great, but, and the others, let them die? What do we do?" She is indignant. "End of December, part of these 600 women will be died. We can not wait."

and adding, insisting on a unknown fact by people who do not face it: "What must be understood too, it is that this triple negative breast cancer affects young women . Young moms, even pregnant moms who discover their breast cancer . It is absolutely necessary solutions, we can not accept that, we can not stay without doing anything, it is not possible. "

with #MobilizationTriplets, it decided to exclude anyone, and ask Gilead an "additional gesture": that the treatment is lavish to the 600 French patients for the next few months.

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