Entertainment Julia Klöckner: »Meat will become more expensive, it will be more expensive"

19:30  10 june  2021
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Meatworks giant reeling after cyber attack

  Meatworks giant reeling after cyber attack A global cyber attack targeting the world's largest meat processing company has shut down abattoirs in Australia.JBS is also Australia's largest meat and food processing company, with 47 facilities across the country including abattoirs, feedlots and meat processing sites.

more animal welfare, higher costs: In the mirror talc, federal agricultural minister Julia Klöckner pleads for a higher value added tax on meat. From a coalition under a green chancellor she advises her CDU.

  Julia Klöckner: »Fleisch wird teurer werden, es wird teurer werden« © The Mirror

Federal Minister Julia Klöckner ( CDU ) has pronounced an increase in meat prices. "Meat becomes more expensive, it will be more expensive," she said in the mirror top talk with moderator Markus Feldenkirchen. Background are the proposals of the so-called Borchert Commission .

This commissioned by the former Federal Minister of Affairs Jochen Borchert has developed ideas on how animal husbandry can be changed to ensure more animal welfare - and also suggested how the necessary reconstruction measures of the stables could be financed. Either about a special animal welfare or a higher VAT. Klöckner spoke to an increase in VAT.

Beef Prices Rise, Shortages Feared as White House Confronts Russia Over JBS Meat Packer Hack

  Beef Prices Rise, Shortages Feared as White House Confronts Russia Over JBS Meat Packer Hack "The White House is engaging directly with the Russian government on this matter and delivering the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals," Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday.The White House believes that the ransomware attack was carried out by a group of Russian cybercriminals and directly confronted the Russian government over the issue after being informed of the attack by JBS. It happened only weeks after a similar attack brought down the Colonial Pipeline, causing gas prices in parts of the country to surge and fears of shortages to come to fruition as panicked motorists flocked to pumps.

critics complain that a value added tax increase expensive meat already produced to higher standards more expensive than cheap meat. This could get meat with high ecological and animal welfare standards competitive disadvantages.

In the Minister of Agriculture, the Mirror Talk against criticism, her animal welfare projects were progressing too slowly: "We are as far as animal welfare as we have never been." For example, it has forbidden whitewashes in dogs, proceeded by an undertunous piglet castration and the Kükentösten, also introduced that animal carcasses would be examined for traces of animal mistreates.

The law against the Kükentöten, according to the coalition agreement, should have been prepared for the middle of the coalition, was prepared. And so that it could exist against lawsuits. The frosties should not be banned the exercise of their profession: "That's why we've created the alternatives," Klöckner said. It is about realizing in the egg after a few days, which gender has the chick. Male chicks would not even hatch.

Paris Hilton to release memoir

  Paris Hilton to release memoir Paris Hilton is set to release a memoir, after selling the rights to her book to HarperCollins imprint Dey Street Books, who published Jessica Simpson's memoir earlier this year.The 40-year-old businesswoman has reportedly sold the rights to a new memoir to HarperCollins imprint Dey Street Books, who are the same company that published Jessica Simpson’s best-seller, ‘Open Book’, in March this year.

on the question of whether it would not be ethically better to grow up all the chicks, even though taps attached less meat, Klöckner said, "If we do not drive children, it is also ethically clear." On demand, whether that was comparable, she said, she did not say that: "Is not it ethically better to kill life? You have to put this question in principle. Thus we are already on the meta level. "

that there is still no animal welfare point, lying on her. "I delivered, I did my homework," Klöckner said. The parliament blocks, criticized it. Observers are sure that the law will no longer come in this legislative period. The SPD goes the Plan Klöckner's not far enough, in the Union fraction there are also resistance.

Klöckner also commented on current political questions. A green-black coalition under a green chancellor refused the Deputy CDU chairman: "I do not want to imagine that at all and I would not advise us to go as a junior partner in a coalition with the Greens," she said.

TV expert says Celebrity Apprentice 'cemented Julia Morris' career'

  TV expert says Celebrity Apprentice 'cemented Julia Morris' career' A TV industry expert has claimed Julia Morris' appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 helped build her profile in the entertainment industry. Television critic David Knox of TV Tonight told The Herald Sun, Julia's appearance on the show 'cemented' her successful career.'The 2011 season of Celebrity Apprentice cemented Julia Morris' career after years of hard yakka. Frankly she's never looked back,' he said. © Provided by Daily Mail ( However, Mr Knox claimed Deni Hines' decision to star on the show that same year ruined her career.'But the same season did the opposite for Deni Hines,' he said.

Critique of Greens, the Green Chancellor's Candidate Annalena Baerbock is criticized as a woman's particularly hard, referred to as a distraction maneuver. One must be measured at that, for which one is content in terms of content: "If a Lord Maaßen or someone else had somehow individualized as often as Ms. Baerbock, there would be something going on in the country."

About the previous constitutional president Hans-Georg Maeas , who in South Huringen for the CDU as a direct candidate, also said Klöckner, he stands for a very conservative wing of the CDU. "I would not call him a party friend now." But it should be respected that a district association has nominated him, according to democratic principles. Whether you press the thumbs up, Klöckner not commented. But they referred to the CDU in the competition with the AFD for people threatening to radicalize themselves.

"Frightening and shattering for the citizens," she called the increase of the retirement age to 68, which had encouraged a government advisor. About the Catholic Church said the former religious teacher: "What more than irritated me: in the present time to prohibit that homosexual couples are blessed. If someone is important to the blessing of God, then one can be happy first. "

Is a sausage a sausage without the meat? Senate to investigate 'fake meat' labelling laws .
A Senate inquiry will investigate the labelling on non-animal protein products, as the description of "fake meat" comes under scrutiny.These are questions a Senate inquiry is set to investigate as it probes the labelling of non-animal proteins across the meat and dairy industries.

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