Entertainment laetitia ultra sexy milot in mini overalls sharpen people!

22:50  22 june  2021
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The fall of “King Bibi”

  The fall of “King Bibi” How Netanyahu’s ouster could change Israel.On Sunday, Netanyahu’s opponents in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, voted to replace him with a “change” coalition: a group of diverse parties from across the Israeli political spectrum united only by their interest in pushing Netanyahu out. The new prime minister is Naftali Bennett, from the far-right Yamina party — though Yair Lapid, from the centrist Yesh Atid party, will have a veto over his decisions.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021, Laetitia Milot posted a new photo on his Instagram account. The old more beautiful star life appears ultra glamor in mini white overalls. A choice that has delighted its subscribers.

Laetitia Milot ultra sexy en mini salopette affole les internautes ! © abaca laetitia ultra sexy milot in mini overalls sharpen people!

The hour of summer holidays has also sounded for Laëtitia Milot. The comedian posted Tuesday, June 22, 2021 a cliché that smells good in the summer on his Instagram account. The one who was revealed by the soap opera more beautiful life on France 3, appears very in style, dressed in a very small white overall. The hand in the hair, the actress poses like a real model in front of the goal of someone who, it is true, knows particularly well the model of the day. " My first summer picture taken by bad! Long live summer what is your favorite season? ", request Laetitia Milot to his subscribers. Indeed, it is his darling Badri MENAIA who played the role of the photographer for this intimate session. The young woman swims in happiness at the side of the one who allowed him to give birth to a little girl, Lyana. Instants of pure joy after a difficult period during which the actress lost his first love, Yannis.

MEGA Harm, ultra-pulpy lips ... Carine Haddou (Star Academy) Unrecognizable!

 MEGA Harm, ultra-pulpy lips ... Carine Haddou (Star Academy) Unrecognizable! The ex-academic st star appeared totally metamorphosed on Instagram! © Instagram dyed mega tall, ultra luscious lips ... Carine Haddadou (Star Academy) unrecognizable! A few weeks ago, the fans of the Star Academy were plunged into tasty memories of TF1 flagship crook. The opportunity for viewers to review program images or also to find emblematic candidates such as Jean-Pascal Lacoste, Mario Barravecchia and many more ... In this music show, during the first season was Carine Haddadou.

Many celebrities compliment Laëtitia Milot for this photo on Instagram

The publication of Laëtitia Milot has immediately been likied by many fans. Celebrities on the small screen also greet the choice and sensual pose of the young mother. " beautiful picture. Me with the age of 50 I like autumn and spring. Neither cold nor hot. I have the potato. The summer it makes me sleep. (The girl who tells all his life Whose everyone fades) ", commented not without humor the Singer Laam. " Beauty ", has more soberly written Agustín Gal I Ana , comedian who appears regularly in fictions on TF1. " Whaou ", has released Laurent kerusor , emblematic comedian of more beautiful life which embodies the character of Thomas Marci in the Order Paper 3. " oh too too beautiful ", or again " You are sublime! ", have inter alia writes the subscribers of the actress.

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Colombia protests sharpen Cali's class war .
In a rich neighborhood in the Colombian city of Cali, residents standing next to police fire their weapons at protesters. "It was like a civil war with civilians worried for their homes and property, and the police on one side, and on the other side protesters wanting to impose this anarchy and this chaos in our neighborhood," publicist Andres Escobar, 30, told AFP. Escobar admits he fired his automatic pistol a few times "in the air" thatThey believe they are protecting their possessions from the mob.

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