Entertainment Patrick Stewart and Ian McCkellen: Bros to all eternity

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Potsdam. Germany's most popular quizmaster will be 50 years old, b) 55, c) 60, d) 65. The fact that so many a candidate of the RTL success format "Who is becoming a millionaire?" With this question in sweating, shows how to be pussy Günther seems to be Jauch.

 Die Bilder zeigen Moderator Günther Jauch während seiner RTL-Quizsendung „Wer wird Millionär?“ im Mai 2004. (Archivbild) © Jörg Carstensen The pictures show moderator Günther Jauch during his RTL quiz "Who is becoming a millionaire?" In May 2004. (Archive image)

correctly is only response d). The Potsdam will be 65 years old on Tuesday (13.7.) And is on vacation around his birthday.

To this day, the quota-strong TV man surrounds an aura between youthful appearance and clarity of a person who has seen a lot. He also has.

NSW government under fire on Q+A for a lockdown deemed 'too soft and too slow'

  NSW government under fire on Q+A for a lockdown deemed 'too soft and too slow' The NSW government's response to the COVID pandemic is often touted as the "gold standard", but as Sydney struggles to contain the Delta variant outbreak, a Q+A panellist lays the blame squarely on those in power.On Q+A, a video question from Karen Tam cut straight to the point.

of sports ("the current sports studio") about information ("star TV") and entertainment ("typical woman - typical man") to the political talk show ("Günther Jauch"): Since the 1980s, Jauch has been moderator in a variety of public and private broadcasts.

But mostly most viewers connect him with the quiz classic "Who will become a millionaire?" How long he wants to continue? For his fans, Jauch recently had a pretty spongy answer recently in a RTL interview: "As long as it makes the spectators, but also to me even joy."

Many people have worried about Günther Jauch this year. Because of a corona infection he fell over weeks. A million audience experienced him in the RTL-Liveshow "because they do not know what happens" visibly struck, pale, matt in a video clause from his home in the television studio: "The thing is quite simple. I am - like two and a half million other Germans also - on Covid-19 ill and observed at once: I get headaches, I have limbs, I'm not so good for me. "The next day he was even worse. A PCR test has been shown to be infected.

Escape from Greece: The Anzacs who beat the odds

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"For me, the break was already very unusual," said Jauch the German Press Agency in May. Over the past 45 years, he had never failed a shipment for illness - now it had been three. "Then I was relieved when I could switch back to normal mode," Jauch said about his comeback.

, however, there are harder destinies, as a time not to do a lot at home for three weeks. "I've read a lot, tidy and actually clearly ripen away than usual," Jauch said. "Besides, you can hear more in his body so as not to be surprised by more serious corona side effects."

is actually the more or less private matter. But Jauch's disease hit the social networks high waves - he was one of the faces of the federal government's vaccination campaign. The fact that the reception with Jauch and Pflaster did not show his vaccination, but was intended as a clear commitment to vaccination, had unimaginable consequences. "Some people then see me with a pavement and say," Oh, who is vaccinated and then he got Corona. " No. He was not there at the time of the photos of his age.

Married At First Sight's Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer SPLIT?

  Married At First Sight's Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer SPLIT? They were one of the most beloved couples ever to appear on Married At First Sight. However, it appears the romance between wholesome sweethearts Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer, who appeared in season eight, may be over. Fans have noticed that Patrick, 27, unfollowed Belinda, 29, on Instagram recently. © Provided by Daily Mail ( As of Sunday, Patrick is not following Belinda, or for that matter, anyone - his 'following' count is at zero. Victorian door-to-door saleswoman Belinda however is still following Patrick as of Sunday.

The TV presenter received in those weeks "mass" hate and threatening letters: "I actually wonder that there are so many," Jauch said. "And that, above all, do not shy away at all, to do with a full name," explained Jauch in the program "Stern TV". The program is produced by the company I & U Information & Entertainment, whose boss Jauch has been since 2000.

so popular and lovely the native of Münsteraner may always look: Jauch, who is the most colleagues except the old companion Thomas Gottschalk Zerzen, only a few in themselves. Again and again, the showmaster has set itself against the publication of details from his private life. Certainly a standing task, he belongs to the greatest favorites of the rainbow press.

Jauch grew up in West Berlin. In a "Spiegel Online" interview, he once reported that he brought it to a "glorious 3.1-high school" and had been lazy the first 20 years of his life. And if it had not worked with the profession of the journalist (he was accepted at the Munich journalist school), then he would alternatively went to the criminal police or banker. Jauch, as he stands behind the counter of a savings bank? Hardly counting.

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