Entertainment Reportage. In the intimacy of Malik Djoudi before its concert with old plows

14:40  16 july  2021
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The Avenner transforms old plows into a gigantic nightclub

 The Avenner transforms old plows into a gigantic nightclub © West-France The Avenner set fire with old plows this Sunday 18 July 2021. Dj The Avenner was the last artist to happen on the stage Old plows 2021, Carhaix (Finistère), this Sunday, July 18, 2021. The public was on fire. The Festival of Old Plows 2021 ended with a set full of energy with The Avenner. At Carhaix (Finistère), Kerampuilh turned into a giant nightclub. The French DJ has perfectly been able to play with his audience, smile on his lips.

Malik Djoudi, dans sa loge, aux Vieilles Charrues à Carhaix (Finistère) avant son entrée en scène, jeudi 15 juillet 2021. © West-France Malik Djoudi, in its lodge, to the old plows in Carhaix (Finistère) before its entry into scene, Thursday, July 15, 2021.

What happens Does he in the lodge of an artist before his entry on the festival scene? Meeting with singer Malik Djoudi, 15 minutes before his concert with old plows, Thursday, July 15, 2021.

You saw my black jeans?, Request the singer of Electro Pop, Malik Djoudi to his chest manager in his box . Finally, it will be blue jeans tonight. Normally, I like playing with black jeans, he says.

He and his team arrived at 3 pm to the Old Plows to Carhaix ( Finistère ), for a concert scheduled at 7 pm.

to fifteen minutes from the entrance on stage, Malik Djoudi, smiling, looks relaxed. The artist and his manager use a glass of wine. The singer does not have too many rituals before entering on stage, apart from being good with my team. What I like the most before playing is to laugh.

video. How old plows have become the largest french festival

 video. How old plows have become the largest french festival © Lucie Weeger / West-France Festival of old plows 2021 in Carhaix-Plouguer. The festival-goers start arriving on the site born in Landeleau (Finistère) in 1992, the old plows grew up and moved to Carhaix to become a huge machine. It is a shared nugget on social networks by the National Audiovisual Institute (INA). In two minutes thirty, we revisit nearly thirty years of old plows .

Mental preparation and teasing

not really rituals but a mental preparation. OK TAC, TAC, TAC, PAF and PAF, Mammard Malik Djoudi. I get the set in the head, a unwound with a little bit of each song and things to do.

In the lodge, the good mood is put. Malik Djoudi Room his manager and team. Malik is an iconoclastic artist with rare elegance that has traded his black jeans to tease his manager who is the best of France, pleasant chet.

18 h 54, a few minutes before his entry on stage, his manager helps him put his case for the microphone still in the back pocket, entrusts Malik Djoudi.

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Checks before entering

stage the evening representation is not innocuous. The old plows, in the music, it's something sacred, recognizes Malik Djoudi.

Old plows. You participate in the Festival: Send us your photos and videos

 Old plows. You participate in the Festival: Send us your photos and videos © Quemener Yves-Marie / West-France Last preparations at a few hours from the first concert of old plows 2021, in Carhaix (Finistère) Thursday, July 8th. The Festival of Old Plows opens its doors this Thursday, July 8, 2021 and will be held until Sunday, July 18 for an unprecedented edition. After a white year in 2020, because of the health crisis related to COVID-19, ten concert nights will take place in Carhaix (Finistère).

To chase the trac, it goes in condition. I'm just going, I'm an auditor, a spectator, I feel at the same rank and the moment I'm on stage and before being, I'm in the goal of being the most natural, do not Take my head Malik Djoudi adds: I go back on stage as on a ring, it's a battle with myself to get out the best.

Se produire aux Vieilles Charrues, « c’est quelque chose de sacré » pour Malik Djoudi qui a inauguré la 7e soirée du festival le jeudi 15 juillet 2021. © West-France occur in old plows, "it's some Sacred thing "for Malik Djoudi who inaugurated the 7th party of the festival on Thursday, July 15, 2021.

a few seconds before the show, behind the scenes, it is the traditional moment of the check. I am very team, I want us to be together. Accompanied by a dozen people (turner, technical team, manager ...), all are present behind the scenes. And the check is indispensable, it is even done on stage sometimes, he emphasizes.

A last cigarette, one last stretching just to be fit. Here we go. 19 h, accompanied by his musician Greg, Malik Djoudi appears on stage, cuckooing to the public.

"We have the impression of reliving"

after a little over an hour of set, the singer finds his lodge. It was great. We feel like reliving. We really feel that the scene failed, that the festival-goers take advantage of this moment and me too . Felt close to the public, it was wonderful , puts the interpreter of temperaments. Faced with the sun and the crowd, he felt tiny, I was not the evil but the more the concert took place, the more we feel comfortable. "

of joy but also nostalgia. These are the last concerts with my friends. The group has only two dates together. With the release of the new album Troy , in September, it will be a new team that will accompany the singer. For a new story to write.

W9 Urban Arena: The guests and the concert tracklist .
© Fiamor Homayoun / W9 W9 Urban Arena: The guests and the concert tracklist this Saturday, July 10, the W9 channel broadcasts from 20:30 the unpublished concert W9 Urban Arena. And here's a list of artists you can find on your screen, as well as the tracklist of the evening! In the month of April, the W9 channel invested the mythical Accor Arena room in Paris the time of two days of filming.

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