Entertainment Dwayne Johnson vs Diesel wine: the relaunched clash, The Rock does not accept the apology of the actor

05:00  22 july  2021
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There he can play the muscles: Dwayne Johnson reveals his "Black Adam" costume

 There he can play the muscles: Dwayne Johnson reveals his Multiple Posted Dwayne Johnson on Instagram pictures of his training for his first superhero role in " Black Adam ", for whom he loud Want to bring its own statement into better shape when he was ever (and when it ever was someone else). After many cryptic hints and teasers, there is actually a picture that Johnson shows in the costume: © Warner Bros.

in full promo for the film Fast and Furious 9, currently in the cinema, wine Diesel had taken advantage of an interview to come back On the origin of his clash with Dwayne Johnson and try to explain their tensions. Unlikely explanations that, to believe The Rock, have made it laugh yellow when he discovered them.

Vin Diesel réconcilié avec Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) ? Son message d'anniversaire © Universal Pictures Diesel wine reconciled with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)? His birthday message wine Diesel explains his clash with Dwayne Johnson

almost a month ago, wine Diesel came back on his famous clash with Dwayne Johnson on the trays of the Saga Fast and Furious. While the Jumanji star had, at the time, suggested that the man to the tankmen was not professional , the DOM interpreter confessed that he did not have a very friendly behavior with his partner.

were diesel lawsuits against VW still possible in 2019 or 2020?

 were diesel lawsuits against VW still possible in 2019 or 2020? thousands of diesel applicants have demanded in the years after starting the exhaust scandal damages of VW - since Tuesday the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) clarifies whether they may have been waiting for too long. © Marijan Murat / DPA The logo of Daimler AG in dawn. The Karlsruhe verdict, which is proclaimed in the coming weeks, is groundbreaking for the vast majority of laws, which were only collected in 2019 or later. According to Volkswagen, the approximately 20,000 procedures concern.

However, suggesting the Diesel wine comments from the Men's Health magazine, it would have behaved in this way ... for the good of The Rock's career, "Hobbs was a complicated character to embody. And my approach to This time was to use love cow to help get the performance necessary for this role. As a producer, I said, 'Okay, we will take Dwayne Johnson, who is still associated with the world of Catch, and we will incorporate in this way into this cinematographic world that the public will see it as someone again through this character '".

Video: Vin Diesel Reveals The Truth About Dwayne Johnson Fed (Dailymotion)

Dwayne Johnson gets fed up with explanations

A statement A megalomaniacal strand ( Dwayne Johnson was already a star of the cinema in 2011), who visibly laughs Yellow The main person concerned. Asked by the Hollywood Reporter on this wine comment Diesel, The Rock did not hesitate to answer this, "I laughed and I laughed very strongly [reading that]. I think everyone had to laugh . And I will stop there. "

now accused: VW diesels scandal: Seventh search in the determination complex Continental

 now accused: VW diesels scandal: Seventh search in the determination complex Continental The public prosecutor Hannover has again searched several locations of Continental. It is about a possible involvement of Continental employees at Volkswagen diesel scandal. © DPA Continental Confirmed searches in the course of the preliminary investigation in connection with a switch-off device used by VW in a diesel engine to the three locations.

What to understand that it does not validate at all the explanation of Paul Walker 's ? May the two men are far from reconciled? A priori, the tensions are actually still present. While we hoped to find Hobbs (his character) in the last episodes of the Fast and Furious saga, Dwayne Johnson has understood that he will not come back, "I wish them only good. I wish them the best. For Fast 9, and the best for Fast 10, Fast 11 and all the other movies they will do without me ".

and obviously, the comedian was not mistaken by saying that everyone rushed by discovering the Diesel Vin Declaration. Present at this interview, Emily Blunt - his partner on the Movie Jungle Cruise, could not help add a small sarcastic comment, "Thank God, thankfully he was there. Thank you my God. He helped cross all that ".

Like what, the famous Fast Famous Fast Vocated by Diesel wine is that the flan! BOUH ...

difficult to convince: That's why Emily Blunt ignored her co-star Dwayne Johnson .
© Disney in "Jungle Cruise" embodies Emily Blunt a British researcher who relies on the help of a peculiar Amazon Skipper (Dwayne Johnson). in the Disney Adventure Film "Jungle Cruise" (theatrical release of July 29) Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson stand together for the first time in front of a camera. But until her commitment, the 38-year-old had her colleague long fidget ...

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