Entertainment "The Green Knight" is obviously fair to Hype as the possible fantasy highlight 2021: the first votes are here!

06:10  22 july  2021
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Mike Lindell Claims 'Real Totals' From 2020 Election Are Trump 80M, Biden Below 68M

  Mike Lindell Claims 'Real Totals' From 2020 Election Are Trump 80M, Biden Below 68M Lindell has also said that his "cyber symposium" this month will reveal new evidence of voting machine fraud orchestrated by China. He also said that he has technological experts examining "packet captures" of voting machine data to show exactly when and where election fraud occurred.This evidence, he added, will convince the Supreme Court to vote unanimously to reinstate Trump into office by the fall.Lindell's claims that machines from Dominion Voting Systems flipped votes from Trump to Biden during the 2020 election compelled the company to file a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against him in February.

after his totally idiosyncratic, infinitely tragic ghost history " A Ghost Story " David Lowery still creates a film for the ambitious-made genre projects Studio A24 ("Midsommar", "The Lighthouse", "The Black Diamond ") According to: " The Green Knight "is a new filming of a historical legend about King Arthus and his table round, occupied with Dev Patel, Joel Edgerton and Alicia Vikander. Of course, there was first a hype under fans of fantasy food off the blockbuster mainstream ...

© telepool "The green knight" is obviously fitting the hype as the possible fantasy highlight 2021: the first votes are here!

... and the lull even after the release of the trailer to "The Green Knight" certainly not from:

Abbott sees the light on China as reality crushes trade enlightenment fantasy

  Abbott sees the light on China as reality crushes trade enlightenment fantasy The idea that economic liberalisation would inevitably lead to political liberalisation in China was always a neoliberal fantasy. Now some believers are starting to wake up.Similar mea culpas haven’t been forthcoming from the Coalition’s stenographers and cheerleaders, alas. Paul Kelly has never admitted he was wrong in lauding the deal as a “moment of transformation” of global significance, pointing the way to a “glorious future” in which an “astute Xi” would “pull Australia far closer into China’s orbit in coming years”.

meanwhile the first journalist * inside the movie have seen - and even if there is still a few days It takes until detailed reviews to be published on "The Green Knight" (on movie starts it appears next Monday), at least the social embargo was repealed, which is why short statements in social media are now possible.

These first voices read now by the bank quite excited - and my personal tweet is no exception:

I love /. "

Shannon McGREW, Founder of NightMarish Conjuringings , calls" The Green Knight "directly" no less than great ". The pictures would" belong to admire in a museum "and Dev Catel would deliver" a career-infinising performance ":


Steven Grentraub, editor-in-chief of Collider , calls the movie" unique and original ", in addition, he praises main shapers Dev Patel , which can be seen in virtually every picture of the film, as" fantastic ":

failed vote: Bodo Ramelow remains Prime Minister of Thuringia

 failed vote: Bodo Ramelow remains Prime Minister of Thuringia The request had introduced the AFD Group. Her boss Björn Höcke had chosen as a counter candidate. © Bodo Schackow / DPA Bodo Ramelow (DIE LINKE), Prime Minister of Thuringia, sits in the plenary hall before the start of the state meeting. rejected! Bodo Ramelow remains Prime Minister of Thuringia. On the election proposal of the AfD for deselection came 22 yes votes, 46 against no votes, there was no abstention! For the application, 22 MPs voted on Friday in Erfurt in Secret Vote.

Loved David Lowery's "

Joanna Robinson, Senior Critic for Vanity Fair , is even fulfilled by the movie:" I thought of a little different since I saw the movie. A nostalgic recourse to 80s fantasy, a scary A24 Horror and a Challenge David-Lowery Story ":

Hello I'm Here To Finally Tell You How Completely Obsessed I Am With"

Kyle D. Anderson, Senior Editor for Nerdist.com , designated The The Green Knight "A ls a "magnificent, engaging arthur legend, which shows how much more disturbing has put in many of these old stories." He also praises the "outstanding costumes" as well as the "great music of Daniel Hart ":

Friends, "

Normally we always warn at this point to be careful with the pre-tweets because they often fail euphoric than the regular reviews a few days later. But this time we have already seen the movie even - and even if "The Green Knight" is certainly no movie for everyone, we are pretty sure that the upcoming critis are predominantly extremely positive.

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All anyone at Cannes can talk about is Palme d'Or winning film where a woman gets impregnated by a vintage Cadillac .
Julia Ducournau's Palme d'Or winning"Titane" has provoked strong reactions from festival goers, with some loving it and others walking out."Titane," which just won the Palme d'Or, is Ducournau's follow up to her 2016 movie "Raw" (about a vegetarian who tastes meat for the first team and develops a craving for human flesh). This is perhaps the most talked about film at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

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