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12:25  24 july  2021
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COVID-19’s Effects on Kids Are Even Stranger Than We Thought

  COVID-19’s Effects on Kids Are Even Stranger Than We Thought Doctors have found a concerning link between the rare pediatric complication known as MIS-C and a syndrome related to tampon use.This month, The New England Journal of Medicine published new treatment guidelines for the occasionally fatal, COVID-related condition known as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). When kids first started showing signs of MIS-C in early 2020—rash or conjunctivitis; low blood pressure; diarrhea or vomiting; etc.—doctors guessed it was an inflammatory disease that occurs most often in toddlers called Kawasaki disease. Now most experts believe it’s a separate condition, affecting kids at an average age of 8.

it feels like thousands of ants run over your fingers. But also numbness and pain belong to the complaints of the carpal tunnel syndrome. What can affected do it?

Frau mit kribbelnden Händen © iStock-Tharakorn Woman with tingling hands In many patients, the fingers tingle especially in the night as well as after the calls or cycling, as the wrist is bent here. If you shake the hand, rub or simply change the attitude, at least in the early stage, it will usually be relieved quickly. Initially, it is above all the needle-stitched malpractices, the "falling asleep" and slight pain of the central, index finger and thumb, which disturb. These complaints partially radiate into the arm. Later, every gripping can feel like a electric shock. The pain becomes stronger, the fingers feel-free and the muscles of the thumb bale forms back. The fine motor skills is severely limited and, for example, the key to the shirt to a challenge. The cause of the complaints is a narrow nerve in the wrist. The so-called median nerve is responsible for the sensations in the thumb, middle and index finger. He also controls certain muscles. The name carpal tunnel syndrome is therefore stirring, because this nerve is along with several tendons in the so-called carpal tunnel, a tunnel-like tube in the wrist. Which treatments are there? If the hand cribes once, this is no reason to panic. However, hold the symptoms for a longer period of time or become worse, you should go to the doctor. Early treatment can often prevent surgery and permanent damage. In addition, only the doctor can exclude that the problem does not come from the cervical spine. The problems only a few weeks or months, are a river for the night and / or anti-inflammatory and decaying drugs means of choice. The cortisone can be administered as a unique syringe or in tablet form for about two weeks. If this does not help, an operation may be necessary. Mostly this outpatient and under local anesthesia is done, sometimes under general anesthesia. The surgeon breaks the band, which closes the carpal tunnel upwards like a roof. The nerve has more space again. The pain usually improves immediately, the sensitivity disorder within a few days to weeks. For the operations, both an open and an endoscopic method come into question through several small skin cuts. Both procedures show good results.WER is affected? Especially often on the carpal tunnel syndrome, older women, overweight and people who work a lot with their hands. The most common causes are inflammation due to overload, Rheuma , hormonal changes and water reservoirs in pregnancy as well as metabolic and hormone diseases such as diabetes or gout. In addition, osteoarthritis (joint wear), tumblest, unfavorably healed fractions of the spoke or the hand root bone and a predisposed anatomic bottleneck behind it.

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