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12:30  24 july  2021
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Buying a house cheaper than renting for a third of the country

  Buying a house cheaper than renting for a third of the country Record low interest rates and work from home have pushed up rents across regional Australia and that has made mortgage repayments cheaper than renting across much of the country especially in regional Northern Territory and Western Australia.In a new report, CoreLogic found repaying a home loan is now cheaper than paying rent on just over 36 per cent of Australian homes because of record low interest rates.

. That seems to think of a whole lot of big city: an IFO survey below 18,000 people in urban, suburbans and rural areas shows that just under 13 percent of respondents from the German major cities plan to leave them within the next twelve months. According to study, it is disproportionately often about people in young and middle age and households with children.

on the trend to say goodbye to the vibrant city life, at least temporarily, the school friends Christopher Eilers, Johann Ahlers and Julian Trautwein jumped up. Just a few months ago, you founded out the hospitality startup. This leases so-called cabins in rural areas to serve as a retreat of the constant requirements and charms of modern life.

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  Mega Millions Numbers for 07/16/21: Did Anyone Win the $117 Million? The Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night had a cash option of $83.9 million but did anyone take it home?There was a top prize of $117 million and a cash option of $83.

all digital

Together with a team of architects, hospitality experts, engineers and designers wants to build and book the first generation of his huts this year. The minimalist dwellings outside the city should be fully usable completely digitally, thanks to the keyless access system check guests independently in and out. You can find the accommodations about the website of out.

"We let the cabins produce according to our own design and work with landowners, such as farmers, forest owners, fruit farmers, winners who provide unused land surfaces against sales participation," explains Managing Director Trautwein to Founder scene. In the startup world he knows well - earlier, he was press chief at the travel startup Tourlane and the German branch of Airbnb. His co-founders come from the real estate area and asset management. Let

NSW North Coast rent prices 'off the charts' as they surpass capital cities

  NSW North Coast rent prices 'off the charts' as they surpass capital cities Home rental prices on the Far North Coast of New South Wales have climbed almost 20 per cent in the past 12 months, exceeding the cost of any of Australia's capital cities.Figures from CoreLogic's latest quarterly review show the median rent for houses in the Richmond/Tweed region is now $699 per week.

be inspired by the three founders of several pages. About his own urge to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. A bit of the trend of Tiny Houses: Everything you expect from a Tiny House can also be found in the cabins, explains Trautwein. But it is not very comparable - how exactly the out-of-cottages will look like, but he does not want to reveal.

and last but not least, the three founders would have regarded the US Startup Getaway, which also leases Cabins - but they want to put on another business model and not as the US model also buy the land for the cottages. But Getaway has proven that there is a market.

This year, the first locations should be available

Together with its mitwirts, Trautwein is currently looking forward to invitation to investors, a seven-digit amount provided. The Seed Round is listed by the European Early Phase Investor Speedinvest, also the Tourlane founder Julian Boots and Julian Weselek are involved. "With the money, we want to open the first locations this year," says Trautwein. Specifically, fresh capital should flow into product and technology development as well as scaling.

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 Virgin Galactic-CEO Branson invests in further space Startup The fascination of Richard Branson for the universe is known. Now the British billionaire at Seraphim has entered, a venture capital provider specializing in investments in young space companies. © Provided by finanzen.net Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Richard Branson wins the billionaires' race into All • Branson invested in space Startup Seraphim • Criticism of Space Tourism The Richard Branson known as an adventurer, made headlines, When he enjoyed the weightlessness on July 11 at a h

The targeted growth also shows out challenges, for example when it comes to cleaning in the cabins. Trautze and his colleagues want to solve this: On the one hand, the landowners can take over this task - and get a higher sales participation for it. But even with external service providers, the startup could work together and sometime even operate their own service centers, so traut. His startup is still at the beginning, so there are still many answers to find. Maybe in a quiet minute in the countryside.

Brüder und Gründer zugleich: Patrick und Sebastian Häde starten das Reisenetzwerk Mapify 2016. © Provided by Business Insider Germany Brothers and Founders At the same time: Patrick and Sebastian Häshe Start the travel network Mapify 2016. raus-life-gruender-eilers-ahlers-trautwein © Raus Raus-Life Gruender Eilers-Ahlers Traum

Homeownership can bring out the worst in you .
It’s the biggest thing you might ever buy. And it could be turning you into a bad person.From political speeches to articles and advertising, Americans are bombarded with messaging valorizing homeownership. In 1995, President Bill Clinton released a 100-point plan to “boost homeownership to an all-time high,” writing that “for millions of America’s working families throughout our history, owning a home has come to symbolize the realization of the American Dream.

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