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17:16  30 july  2021
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It is one of the most famous content creators in Germany. But who loves the beautiful Caro Daur? We tell you who the friend is at your side.

Caro Daur © Christian / Getty Images Caro Daur

It is pretty, down to earth and superful. And long time we wondered if Caro Daur has a friend. Because the blond hamburger was almost exclusively with Mama Monika at her side. That has changed now - Caro is in love! With whom is the Content Creator together? We tell you.

Who is the friend of Caro Daur?

Long she did not show up with a man at her side. But since the beginning of 2021 it is official: Caro Daur and Tommi Schmitt are a few . Previously, there were already rumors about a love relationship, but the two did not confirm that at first.

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Then you first saw cutouts of Tommi in Caros Instagram Stories and sometime his face. Since then, the two are more and more often to see together - both on Caros Profile , as well as in public. But who is Tommi Schmitt actually? We'll tell you that now.

Caro Daur's friend: This is Tommi Schmitt

You know the name Tommi Schmitt known? That may probably be because the Caro Daur's friend together with Felix Lobrecht produces one of the most successful podcasts Germany: "Mixed Hack" . But not only here is the comedy author to hear, even on TV Tommi already had several performances. Since April 2021 he even has his own television show. "Studio Schmitt" has since been seen on ZDFneo . Before he came to the public himself, Tommi Schmitt worked in the background. So he already wrote for "Luke! The week and I" as well as for "Late Night Berlin" as a freelancer.

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About the private life of the 31-year-old is not a lot known. On January 26, 1989 he was born in Detmold at Bielefeld. He is the son of a doctor and a physiotherapist and has a brother. After graduating and the civil service Schmitt studied media communication and journalism in Cologne. Before he moved to Hannover for his master's program, he volunteered at the press department of the football club Borussia Mönchengladbach. Studies broke out Schmitt, however, and devoted himself full time of his career as a comedy author .

Today Tommi Schmitt lives back in Cologne. And since his relationship to Hamburgerin Caro Daur became known, we can probably expect that we will find the friend of the Influencin more frequently in their stories.

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Caro Daur: This is your ex-boyfriend

about Caro Daur's Ex-Friends is not known. Tommy Schmitt officially made her love with anyone. Only once did she mention that there was a man in her life before. In a Cosmo interview with the Print College: inside the content Creatorin revealed that your ex-boyfriend had given her personalized M & MS.

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