Entertainment ps5 update brings SSD extension: This is how it works in 11 simple steps

14:54  02 august  2021
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Sanitary anti-pass protests take again this Saturday in all France

 Sanitary anti-pass protests take again this Saturday in all France © Copyright 2021, the Obs sanitary anti-pass will be again in the street everywhere in France this Saturday, July 24 to manifest against its extension and The vaccination obligation for caregivers. They were 114,000 last Saturday.

Sony has published the first update from the PlayStation 5 beta program. There are some important changes - gamers with full hard drive can look forward to.

PS5. © Sony PS5.

beta users The PlayStation 5 can look forward to. Sony now gave out the first update for you. An exciting innovation is among other things support for M.2 SSD hard drives. However, some things must be considered. Sony delivered an detailed explanation on its support page, which is clearly representing how the SSD can be used together with the PS5 and what requirements must be met. We show you how to connect a new SSD.

The M.2-SSD * should have a PCI Express 4 interface. Supported 250 gigabytes to four terabytes, do not SATA. The sequential read speed of the hard disk should be at least 5,500 megabytes per second. The width of the module must be 22 millimeters, supported form factors are 2230, 2242, 2280 and 22110. The permissible lengths are therefore 30 millimeters, 42 millimeters, 60 millimeters, 80 millimeters and 110 millimeters. If the requirements are fulfilled, the SSD can be installed.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Xbox Start and Performance Update for PC At the same time - server overloaded

 Microsoft Flight Simulator: Xbox Start and Performance Update for PC At the same time - server overloaded © Provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Since 5 pm, the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X and S is available. Many players who have comforted themselves in their domestic pilot seat, however, experience frustration: they can not stand out because the game invites "forever" and also a thick update is waiting. The problem seems homemade.

Step 1: The first step must be checked whether the beta system version is installed on the console. For this you go to the settings and selects the sub-item "System" and then "System Software". Here you can now see the console information.

Step 2: If the beta version is installed, the PowerButton must be pressed for three seconds to turn off the console. Then you remove all cables and connected devices from the PlayStation. Now it is important to wait until the console is completely cooled.

Step 3: places the console on a soft surface on a flat surface and removes the base. To remove the base, the console must be positioned so that the screw hole of the base shows you and the Playstation logo downwards. The power switch is in this case on the left side of the viewer.

The important step that you have to follow for cryptocurrency trading

The important step that you have to follow for cryptocurrency trading Nowadays, the type of trading which is getting huge popularity across the globe is cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency is a digital-based currency that can be traded only over the internet. The basic purpose of creating cryptocurrencies was not to trade but to facilitate daily transactions, but things became different.

Step 4: Now you put the palms near the upper corners and engages the edges of the cover. So you can carefully pull the cover up and in your direction. The cover should now be solved.

Step 5: The expansion slot is a long, rectangular cover attached to the top with a screw. This screw must be removed so that the cover can be removed.

Step 6: Under the cover, another screw and a spacer appear. The screw turns out, the spacer adjusts her suitable for the size of the M.2-SSD.

Step 7: Now you hold the M.2-SSD at the edge, it aligns on the notch on the expansion connection and then states slanted up to the stop. Important: If the M.2-SSD has been incorrect or not exactly enough, it may happen that the terminal of the console is damaged.

Step 8: If the M.2-SSD is correctly aligned, you tip it down and attaches it to the screws.

Step 9: Now the cover of the expansion slot can be re-attached and the screws are tightened.

Step 10: To restore the cover of the console, it must be positioned about two centimeters above the top edge and can be pushed downwards from there. If the cover is attached, a short click should sound.

Step 11: In the last step, all cables and the base must be connected again and you can turn the PS5. If the console is switched on, a formatting instruction is displayed. Here you just follow the instructions on the screen and formats the M.2-SSD according to your ideas.

Kramaric makes the difference: Hoffenheim in Round Two .
with a blue eye came away Hoffenheim on Monday evening in the first cup of cocal in Cologne. The TSG had to postpone in a hooked fighting Victoria - but was able to leave in the extension then on her scorer. © Imago Images / Nordphoto Double Pack: Andrej Kramaric (2.v.li.) met in Cologne twice.

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