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16:45  07 august  2021
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With 'The Writing On The Wall', Iron Maiden brought out her first new song from Senjutsu. The video clip shines with symbols and allusions!

Das Artwork zur neuen Iron Maiden-Single ‘The Writing On The Wall’ © Provided by www.metal-hammer.de The artwork for the new Iron Maiden-Single 'The Writing on the Wall'

with 'The Writing on the Wall' brought Iron Maiden out her first new song from Senjutsu. The video clip shines with symbols and allusions!

"Did you see the video about 'Germany' from Rammstein?" Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden Manager Rod Smallwood should have asked. For 'The Writing on the Wall', a similar concept hovered him: a video clip, so packed with symbols and allusions that you can always view it and talk about it.

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Six the most exciting details from the 'The Writing on the Wall' clip among the ruins in the desert is the Cart and Horses Pub, where Iron Maiden played their earliest shows 1975 and '76. Also devoured by the desert: the wreck of the "Ed Force One" at the Book of Souls design (as well as a little later, the R101 airship from 'Empire of the Clouds'). While the four motorcycle riders of the Apocalypse and eaten, a panorama view pointing to small eddie posters and a Union Jack flag a clock in the sand: It's two minutes to midnight. Missing someone else Eddie's Archive Boxset? In addition to the poison filling barrel with the "Eddie Lives" inscription! The Space Eddie des The Final Frontier-Covers did not make it - his skull protrudes from the gravestone with the inscription "No Prayer for the dying" from the sand. His outstretched hand could no longer grab the 'Aces high'-aviator glasses. On Samurai Eddie's sedan, someone has lubricated DCLXVI - the (Roman) number of the animal.

[Message from 16.07.2021] finally the time has come: After Iron Maiden had announced something big since the beginning of the week, the British Heavy Metal legends have published a new track yesterday's early evening. 'The Writing on the Wall' represents the first fresh song of the band for six years. The associated, elaborately staged animation video can you go in the bottom.

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'The Writing On The Wall' wrote Iron Maiden Guitarist Adrian Smith and Frontmann Bruce Dickinson. Of course Kevin Shirley has produced with the help of bassist Steve Harris . The concept for the video comes from the spring of Dickinson. Filled with life and implemented this design then have two award-winning, former Pixar executives and longtime Maiden fans: Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon. Both have participated in 'the incredible - The Incredibles', 'ratatouille', 'Merida legend of the Highlands', 'Monster AG' and 'Find Nemo'. The clip ultimately has animated the London Animation Studio Blinkink and its director Nicos LiveSey.


director Nicos LiveSey commented: "We very quickly found the expertise we wanted, and people only fell on me to work on a Maiden video. We had more than 60 people in 13 countries from Brazil to France, Romania to the US, which contributed something to the clip. And I would say your love, your passion and your basic understanding of the band are clear in every frame. For the producers and me they were a dream team in the handling. "

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Bruce Dickinson complements:" I had a pretty clear idea of ​​the concept that should accompany the song. And when I met Mark and Andrew over Zoom, it quickly became clear that we were all on a wavelength, which was reinforced by the added Nicos and his young Blinkink team. Our weekly team zoom meetings were usually both highly creative as well as fun. I am very proud of how the video has become. It's actually more like a mini movie.

I knew that would work as soon as Mark brought my concept with its incredible storyboards to life. So I thought, we can create something very special together. I think that has succeeded, and hope that our fans agree. Basically, it was actually made by Maiden fans! "

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