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08:05  21 september  2021
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It is strange that one of the best-selling books in British history was first a secret: the author, Richard Osman, is a comedian and television host with whom the BBC viewers have been so familiar for years so that his literary debut was danger than one of these archetypal "celebrity novels" to be perceived. So Osman decided not to go the usual way of an author who begins signing a contract at a publisher, including a full advance. Instead, he finished the manuscript of "Thursdaysmord Club" without previously consulting with a publisher. (Also read: Stephen King: These are his 5 best books - according to the author itself )

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  Richard Osman: Der Krimi-Bestseller-Autor, der Spielberg beeindruckt hat, veröffentlicht neues Buch © pr & Steven Spielberg wants "The Thursday Murder Club" film

obviously went to the TV comedian about it Prove that his explosive mixture of crime, humor and lovable characters could work independently, and not because he was another well-known face that published his vanity project. In fact, his debut enthused the critics and from then on " of the Thursdaysmordclub " developed into the stunning publishing phenomenon that is today, with more than forty weeks in first place of the "Sunday Times" bestseller list and more than two million readers in around the world.

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One of Osman's enthusiastic fans: a certain Steven Spielberg , who hurried to acquire film rights at the novel (about Amblin Entertainment) before someone could attend him. Since then, Richard Osman says, he could not put foot on the streets of London, without anyone calling the name of actress Helen Mirren; because this is the ideal cast for many of his fans the ideal cast for the role of the enigmatic ex-espionin Elizabeth from Osman's novel.

Richard Osman: Trying to make the world a better place

  Richard Osman: Trying to make the world a better place The TV star and author shares his life lessons on regret, ageing and doing good.Even with the weight of celebrity behind the Pointless and House of Games TV star, nothing was guaranteed.

& therefore it goes in the criminal line of Richard Osman

exactly this figure is the pivot point of the second band of the saga, which has just come into the book stores: "The man who died twice" should also clarify the question " The Thursday Mord Club " was a genital chance of random, or if Richard Osman has laid the foundation for an exciting and durable crimean line in the style of "Sherlock Holmes" or "Miss Marple" . So much betrayed: Osman does not need more than a handful of pages to bring us back into his brilliant and ingenious universe from murder and teatime crime.


Buy here: "The Thursday Murder Cclub" on Amazon .

basically justifies "the man who died twice" a kind of popular novel who could be not inspiring in these uncertain times in which we live, The cozy crime novel, in which all parts of the puzzle fit together at the end and every detail was observed with the care of someone who knows that he does not make as a plot as a place where the reader can escape to himself Feeling at home. (Also read: Nordic Noir: These are the best thrilleries from Scandinavia )

"West Side Story": Discover the trailer of Steven Spielberg

 © Capture of Screen / 20th Century The American director Steven Spielberg has remanded the famous "West Side Story" musical comedy. The remake trailer of "West Side Story" by Steven Spielberg has been unveiled on Wednesday, September 15th. The film must come out in the room on December 8, with a year late because of the pandemic. It will be necessary until December 8 to discover the remake of West Side Story by Steven Spielberg .

apart from the question of who is the killer, the adventures of the "of the Thursdaysmordclub" produces a mood that very much Good to Coopers Chase fits, the luxurious retiree village in the south of England, in which a large part of the plot takes place. Added to some surprisingly profound, yet welcome reflections about the age, and the result I St. Another pudding that is equally irresistible as tender. Nobody knows certainly how a thriller's bestseller is built, but Osman seems to have an idea: Follow you in your characters, and the reader will follow you. "The man who died twice" is the best proof. The German version is available from January 27, 2022, the English version can order here .

Article "Richard Osman, El Escritor de Novelas Criminales Que Impresionó a Spielberg, Vuelve A por Más" by Noel Ceballos appeared at gq.mx first.

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