Entertainment wants smith dreamed of a harem with hall berry

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Ein Harem für Will Smith? Offenbar träumte der US-Schauspieler einst wirklich von 20 Frauen an seiner Seite. © Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Filmmagic / Getty Images A Harem for Will Smith? Apparently, the US actor once really dreamed of 20 women at his side.

that Smith and his wife Jada will have an open marriage, has been known for some time. In a "GQ" interview, the Hollywood star even revealed that he once dreamed of a harem. At the top of his wishlist for this stood actress Halle Berry and ballet dancer Misty Copeland.

His statements on attractive women seem to be just as open as his marriage: in an interview with the men's magazine "GQ" explained Hollywoodstar Will Smith: "The marriage should not be a prison for us." The US actor and his wife Jada Smith would give themselves "mutual trust and freedom" and in the open marriage, which lasted for 24 years, partner and partner to find their own way.

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Seit 24 Jahren ein Paar: Will und Jada Pinkett Smith. © Valerie Macon / AFP Via Getty Images For 24 years a couple: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

mostly one would lead a monogame relationship, but Will and Jada Smith would not consider this way of life as the only way. Accordingly, it is allowed to become intimate with other people. As the actor in the "GQ" interview revealed, he once dreamed of a harem.

wants Smith took this imagination even more closely. He would have liked to take care of 20 women on a longer journey at the same time. On the occasion of this dreaming he made a list of desired candidates. Especially two women brought Smith apparently into sweating: actress Halle Berry and ballet dancer Misty Copeland stood at the top of the list.

"horrible" and "miserable"

apparently covered the 58-year-old, however, the pure mind game, together with a special coach he worked out strategies as he could really organize such a Harem. Halle Berry and Misty Copeland apparently served as role models, based on other suitable partners. Smith even gave plans to contact the two women. However, he did not find himself no more than good idea, but as "horrible" and "pathetic".

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now explains Smith, in the face of these fantasies, but not to feel shame, "it was okay to find Halle well," Smith thinks about his feelings for the 55-year-old actress today. "It does not make me a bad people that I am married and hall is beautiful." He learned this through cooperation with his coach. Thus, in his idea and by his Christian education, thoughts had already been sin. Later, however, he recognized "that my thoughts were not sins and that even the eavy impure thought does not make me a piece of unratuously".

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