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Dune: This atrocious detail that frightened Charlotte Rampling

 Dune: This atrocious detail that frightened Charlotte Rampling before Denis Villeneuve does not manage to stage his version of a dune, Alejandro Jodorowsky broke the teeth to try to ride his. Back on a fun anecdote about Charlotte Rampling, who refused a role at the time. © Allociné Dune: This atrocious detail that scraysa Charlotte Rampling Adapter Dune on the big screen was not easy for the work of Frank Herbert is rich and abound.

Dune Star Timothée Chalamet gives an insight as he and its co-stars self-strong the hype around the Sci-Fi event See the year ... and comment on the private comment.

Dune hinter den Kulissen des Sci-Fi-Hypes: Timothée Chalamet & Co lachen in Chatgruppe über sich selbst © Warner Bros. Dune Behind the scenes of the Sci-Fi Hypes: Timothée Chalamet & Co laugh in chat group about itself

Denis Villeneuves New Filming of Dune , as Sci-Fi Hype continues its victory train to the world. While the praised blockbuster has been seen in the cinema since 16 September since 16 September, the start of the US is still before the US 22 October. And that is, the stars need to help further diligent to stir the advertising drum - which can sometimes assume absurd forms.

Worldwide "Dune" one-board result achieves important milestone: What does that mean for "Dune: Part 2"?

 Worldwide For three weeks " Dune " runs in Germany and some other countries in the cinemas and has set a good start there: " Dune" is at a global banking result of 103.9 million dollars. This is very neat and testifies to a sustained interest because the number of visitors from weekend to weekend comparatively little.

a comparison: compares the 3 Dune films in pictures The Dune Stars Private: Timothée Chalamet and Co. laugh about their share of Sci-Fi Hype

next to press tours, interviews, red carpet performances and more also belong Photo shootings on the commitments of the movie stars. Such Last Last Entertainment Weekly for a cover story to Dune. In the cool pose as possible, Timothée Chalamet and its co-stars were set in scene (among other things in a field).

What the actors: Inside privately think about such performances, the magazine readers get: inside and film fans usually not with. But we are now able to thank the Dune crew that the internal funnies is something outward.

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At Instagram, Timothée Chalamet shared an exchange in its stories, which he apparently in a private Dune chat group with its co-stars Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin had:

new role for "Dune" star: Timothée Chalamet as successor to Johnny Depp on the first picture of "Wonka"

 new role for "Interstellar", "Call Me by Your Name", "Lady Bird", "Little Women" and now " Dune ": A look at the past years of the filmography of Timothée Chalamet is enough to see that the only 25-year-old actor belongs to the hottest shooting stars in Hollywood. And after taking " Dune " a first detour in Blockbuster imagery, his next movie will also be a number larger: " Wonka ". © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

once quite apart from the fact that apparently a chat group of Dune stars exists (where can we apply for access?), Gives the interesting insights: Timothée Chalamet throws us with his shared Insta story in the middle of a conversation who has unfolded (at least between him, Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin ) and obviously relates to the EW-Cover photo shoot to Dune. The Dune performers set in scene comment on self-styronic Boyband appearance:

Oscar Isaac: Total. We look like a really shitty band Aus.Josh Broline: We are a really shitty band. We are something of ready for the "crappy Dune band"

would Timothy Chalamet be the lead singer of this bad band? Javier Bardem definitely belongs to the drums and Brolin's hands long long for a guitar, which underpin Dune's desert sounds (what would be in the book of musical character Gurney Halleck only reaffirmed).

in particular because Dune himself as a Sci-Fi Epos (e.g., with meaningful desert mice ) strikes a very serious sound, it is amusing to see that the actors accept their promo tour with (biting) humor. Maybe the chat is even effective as a group therapy of merciless press appearances.

The girls of Dr. March (Canal +): a feminist and impetuous version of the classic of literature

 The girls of Dr. March (Canal +): a feminist and impetuous version of the classic of literature © 2019 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Monarchy Enterprises S.A R.L. and Regency Entertainment (USA), Inc. All Rights Reserved. The girls of Dr. March (Canal +): a feminist and impetuous version of the classic of the literature Greta Gerwig revisits the worship novel of Louisa May Alcott in a romantic fresco, visually sumptuous and borne by a four-star cast, taken by Saoier Ronan And Timothy Chalamet. Dr. March's girls, broadcast tonight on Canal + is a nugget.

and who knows: If the boy band idea firs, the witners may be Hans Zimmer's next Soundtrack, Falls Dune: Part 2 comes . The last question would only clarify if Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin knew that Timothée Chalamet would share their private chat course and what Javier Bardem says as a fourth band member.

Dune in the podcast: The SCI-FI event of the year

podcast moderator Sebastian Gerdshikov discussed or enthuses with its guests, Esther von Moviepilot and Julius of Filmstarts, about Dune of Denis Villeneuve. Incidentally, all three are great readers and have also read the underlying novel, which is not the worst starting position for a meeting of the new film.

canvas love is the weekly cinema and film podcast of our colleagues and colleagues of movie starts.

What do you think of the photo shoot pictures that the Dune stars make fun of?

Dune sets a new record and tops the Friday box office at $17.5 million .
Dune debuted at the top of the domestic box office as the science-fiction epic raked in $17.5 million on Friday. Deadline reported that the film set a new record for a Warner Bros. Max day and date release.The film set a new record for a Warner Bros. and HBO Max's day and date release and marked a career-best opening day for director Denis Villeneuve, according to Deadline.

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