Entertainment Ernst August de Hanover: Who is Claudia Stilianopoulos, his very close confidant?

23:10  15 october  2021
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Ernst August de Hanovre : qui est Claudia Stilianopoulos, sa très proche confidente ? © JLPPA / BESTIMAGE Ernst August de Hannover: Who is Claudia Stilianopoulos, his very close confidented? The Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, always officially married to Princess Caroline of Monaco, was seen several times in Madrid with a woman he seems very close, Claudia Stilianopoulos.

Ernst-August de Hannover seems to have found a smile. The German Prince, which has been separated from Carolina de Monaco since 2009 but still not divorced, has been seen several times in the streets of Madrid by charming company . This friend, of which he is very close, is called Claudia Stilianopoulos . The latter lives at Madrid , just like Christian de Hanover, one of Ernst-August sons.

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This pretty brunette of 47 years old is an artist. She works in the field of sculpture and made known in particular thanks to her large volume works and for the realization of certain objects with recycled materials, as el mundo , this Thursday, October 14th. Claudia Stilianopoulos also makes painting , his paintings meet some success since "his mini works can be bought from 800 euros, up to 7,000 euros for the largest rooms," says the Spanish daily. The new confidente of the German prince is also mom of two daughters, Olivia and Casilda , that she had with the artist Juan Gaizábal, of which she has been separated since 2012.

Claudia Stilianopoulos is Outcome of the Spanish Jet-Set

Claudia Stilianopoulos is not unknown to the Madrid jet-set. She is the daughter of Pitata Ridruejo , a figure of the good Spanish society, and Mike Stilianopoulos, Greek original diplomat. The parents of "Clo", as it nicknamed, had for Wedding witness Juan Carlos , the former king of Spain today in exile . However, the friend of Prince Ernst-August de Hanover stands far from this environment. According to El Mundo, She "avoids cocktails, has deprived of television for six years and never bought People press" .

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Ernst August de Hanover back in court: what to know .
© Borde-Jacovians / Bestimage Ernst August de Hannover back in court: what to know sentenced to a 10 month sentence In prison and the prohibition of living in his property, Ernst August de Hanover will be back in court. On November 24, the prince will receive the answer of his appeal before the Tribunal, assured the German site Kurier, this Friday, October 22nd. Ernst August de Hanover had appealed.

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