Entertainment Barrier Truth goes gonzo … the blokes behind the hoax … Leunig loses his spot

15:42  18 october  2021
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Tasmanian treaty to navigate complex path of truth-telling, Aboriginal identity and land return

  Tasmanian treaty to navigate complex path of truth-telling, Aboriginal identity and land return Initial meetings between Tasmania's Aboriginal communities and the state government to find a path to reconciliation and a treaty hears recurring themes about compensation, representation in Parliament and land hand-backs.She runs Tasmania's first Aboriginal food catering company and plans to open restaurants across the state.

Top Marx Interesting times at Broken Hill’s the Barrier Daily Truth. Via Jack Marx’s Facebook page:

  Barrier Truth goes gonzo … the blokes behind the hoax … Leunig loses his spot © Provided by Crikey

There’s a job for a journalist going at the Barrier Truth. The newspaper I work for … [It] is taking its first dolly steps toward becoming Australia’s most defiant and outspoken newspaper — completely independently owned, and beholden to none. It’s been around for over 100 years, and, while it’s been a quiet community newspaper for a while, it’s about to launch itself into the guts of Australia, with a new website and a new approach to journalism … People with carrots up there kazoos need not apply.

barbed wire is replaced: Poland wants to stop with a "solid, high barrier" migrants from Belarus

 barbed wire is replaced: Poland wants to stop with a previously secures poland its border with Belarus with 2.5 meters high barbed wire. He should now be replaced. The word wall avoid government representatives. © Photo: Imago Images / Nurphoto Imago Images / Nurphoto / Dominika Zarzycka Poland wants to permanently attach its border with Belarus. background is the growing rush of migrants from crisis areas , who want to enter Belarus illegally into the EU.

If you’re not familiar with Marx and his place in Australian letters, that last line gives you some indication. Marx is one of the the great “characters” of Australian journalism. Once described by Crikey as a “one-man ethical dilemma”, Marx is a fine and lively writer, a bridge immolator of the highest order who has worked and ceased working at most publications in Australia. His most famous works, on Stevie Wright and Russell Crowe, accrued complaints and awards in equal measure. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what comes of the Truth‘s gonzo lurch.

Different hoax for different folks Last Friday the €1 million Planeta prize — the world’s highest-paying literary prize — was awarded to Carmen Mola, who everyone believed was the pen name of a female university professor. But it turned out to be three middle-aged blokes who work as TV writers on Spanish shows. It put us in mind of other great literary hoaxes:

Cash for canegrowers in reef credit market

  Cash for canegrowers in reef credit market Queensland canegrowers have sold "reef credits" worth $900,000 by taking steps to reduce runoff from their farms."We would encourage everyone to have a look at it," he told AAP of the land management initiative which will help sustain Great Barrier Reef water quality improvements and at the same time earn him alterative income.

  • Helen Dale/Darville Darville published — under the pseudonym Helen Demidenko — The Hand that Signed the Paper in 1994. The story of a collaborator Ukrainian family during the Holocaust, the novel was already controversial and accused of anti-Semitism when it was revealed that Dale had manufactured her supposed Ukrainian ancestry
  • Ern Malley Australia’s greatest literary hoax. Malley was the product of writer James McAuley and Harold Stewart, his work a parody of the modernist poetry the pair despised. Malley was hailed as a genius before the hoax was revealed
  • Norma Khouri Khouri achieved bestseller status with 2003’s Forbidden Love, the putative memoir of her best friend in Jordan. After an 18-month investigation, Malcolm Knox published a series of articles in The Sydney Morning Herald concluding the book — already subject to serious questions due to factual inaccuracies, shaky timelines and describing a major crime no one had heard of — was a total fabrication. Khouri maintained the book, allowing for some “literary licence”, was true.

Well that took an Age The catastrophically dangerous whimsical solipsism of Michael Leunig will no longer grace the Monday issue of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. Today readers were greeted with the work of Megan Herbert — the caption informs us this is the first in a series of trial cartoonists who will run on Monday’s editorial cartoon.

Fauci says people 'react against me' when 'truth becomes inconvenient'

  Fauci says people 'react against me' when 'truth becomes inconvenient' Fauci says he has been targeted by conspiracy theorists because he chooses to stand by 'science, data and hard facts. He claims people react against him when they don't like the truth.During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Fauci said: 'I have stood for always making science data and evidence, be what we guide ourselves by and I think people who feel differently, who have conspiracy theories, who deny reality, that's looking them straight in the eye.

Leunig has been drifting into decidedly weird territory for a while — using the marriage equality debate as an occasion for Olympic level self-pity, and telling young mums that their babies were dying on account of mobile phone apps. And then a whole bunch of vaccine scepticism, all spiced with intoxicating spoonfuls of doleful self-pity. There has been a veritable bale of final-straw moments for Leunig, but perhaps it was his flailing attempt to equate not wanting to get vaccinated with standing in front of the tanks at Tiananmen Square that proved his downfall.

How do you do, fellow kids Continuing our commitment to credit where it’s due: the following goes the opposite of how you’d expect — but in a good way. A local news segment detailing free lessons at a skate park in Detroit featured reporter Victor Williams demonstrating his skills, and … he’s great, and doesn’t stumble over a word of his piece to camera any more than he does on his 180 spins.

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Millions of people are quitting their jobs. But will Australia miss out on ‘The Great Resignation’? .
A lack of government support, among other things, could dampen workers' confidence to take career risks. Labor has promisingly suggested a full employment white paper if it wins the next election, though why further investigation is needed while other nations make concrete changes remains unclear. In the meantime, one can only hope the Coalition’s intransigence isn’t strong enough to stop “The Great Resignation” from arriving on our shores. Otherwise Australians could be stuck at their same old desks with their same old pay for many years to come. The post Millions of people are quitting their jobs.

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