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13:30  21 october  2021
13:30  21 october  2021 Source:   europe1.fr

Months until presidential vote, far-right surge jolts France

  Months until presidential vote, far-right surge jolts France Concerns grow as polls show Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen with the backing of nearly a third of French voters.Much of the French media is not focused on Macron’s chances of becoming the first president to be re-elected since Jacques Chirac in 2002, but rather on the rise of the far-right.

Eric Zemmour a déclenché mercredi une polémique en pointant des journalistes avec un fusil de précision lors d'une visite au salon Milipol. Un geste qui a suscité l'indignation d'une partie de la classe politique. Sur Europe Matin jeudi, la maire du 7e arrondissement de Paris, Rachida Dati, est revenue sur ces images et s'est dite © Europe 1 Eric Zemmour triggered a controversy by pointing journalists with a precision rifle during a visit to the Milipol show. A gesture that sparked the indignation of part of the political class. On Europe morning Thursday, the Mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Rachida Dati, returned to these images and said "shocked" by his attitude.

The polemicist and putitative candidate for 2022, Eric Zemmour , who wants to remove the powers to the media, took for target on Wednesday of journalists with a precision rifle during his visit of the Milipol show, dedicated to the inner security, in Villepinte In Seine-Saint-Denis. Invited from Sonia Mabrouk in Europe morning Thursday, the old guard of the seals and mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Rachida Dati , said "shocked" by this image.

"Baby Box": Aux Mothers Hydrated The Grant Patrie

 © Lucile Beiron According to the State Secretariat for Children, the Box Box must be an "invitation to go out" and "not to forget himself. that parent ". It is in itself a new chic: from February 2022, each French family will return from maternity with its gift box , including a turbulent, a book, tips, a soap to promote natural products, In short, lots of things supposed to respond to inevitable questions in the first days of an infant - baby syndrome shaking with sudden death.

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"We pass everything because it is cultivated"

"it is a salon that concerns the safety of States and in particular the fight against terrorism. It is very serious, it is not the toy show. I was shocked by this image, especially when we want to claim to become President of the Republic. And I have also been shocked by what Eric Zemmour held against Marlene Schiappa. I see about misogyny and sexism. And I do not accept that it is insulted, "she decided . The polemicist has indeed treated the Minister delegated to citizenship "foolish".

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Eric Zemmour "Old Friend" of Sarah Knafo's family: The polemicist has an ancestral link with his advisor

 Eric Zemmour Tandem Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo continues to fascinate. In the columns of the world, we learn this week that a small detail closer, for several generations. © LaFargue Raphael / Abaca Tandem Eric Zemmour and Sarah Knafo continues to fascinate. In the columns of the world, we learn this week that a small detail closer, for several generations.

for the former Minister, the arguments used against the polemicist today are the same as those used at the time against Jean-Marie Le Pen. "We saw the result. He acceded in the second round in 2002," she continued. "So the questions we must ask itself is: 'Is it able to lead France, bringing together the French, does it have a team and a vision?'. Currently, we pass everything because It is cultivated, "said Rachida Dati before specifying does" tolerate violence and death threats for anyone ".

"I was his first victim"

"when there is violence and threats, we are no longer in a democracy and in a rule of law. So by ease, do we accept that Someone insults a minister of the Republic? Well no, "insisted the Edile. She had itself been the target of the polemicist concerning his daughter's first name Zohra, in 2009.

"I was his first victim. The first name of my daughter became an obsession for him. He criticized the fact that a minister of the Republic gives a first name 'Arab' to his child. He even said a first name 'Muslim', "she remembered." In this case it was my mother's first name that I had lost and that I liked so much. It was simply life, and he had found that unworthy, "said Rachida Dati.

The author of a killing in a high school in Florida pleads guilty and apologizes

 The author of a killing in a high school in Florida pleads guilty and apologizes © Getty Images North America / AFP N Ikolas Cruz, author of a killing in a high school in Florida in 2018, Excused on Wednesday Facing the families of his victims massaged in a court near Miami, after pleading guilty of his 17 murders committed with an assault rifle. "I'm really sorry for what I did, I wear the weight every day," said his 23-year-old health mask, who had committed it to what was Worst massacres committed in schools in the United States .

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concerning his ideas and His status of candidate potential for the presidential election, she finally held that the political class does not use the "good arguments" against him, including on the right. "He nipple some, but I do not see me. It's not my France. If I'm here today it's because the Republic gave me an incredible chance. And Eric Zemmour wants to separate France and the French. So I'm wondering if at one point we're going to be able to answer that? "Asked Rachida Dati." I do not want to separate the French, I want to repress those who do not respect the authority, the law and the rule of law. Not those who have not asked nothing to work and succeed. "

Zemmour makes a false route .
Projects of the probable presidential candidate go against the progress made in recent decades in terms of road safety. © Bob Edme / AP / SIPA Jacques Chirac must turn around in his grave. In twenty years, his fight for the Road Safety had finished, willy-misunderstood, unanimously. It must be said that the number of roads on the roads has been almost divided by three, falling to 2,780 in 2020. An indisputable success, one of the few public policies.

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