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20:25  28 october  2021
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Los Angeles. In the zombie blockbuster "Army of the Dead", Matthias Schweighöfer shines as a screeching Safeknacker. In his history, the fans are experiencing: The German generates even without undead in his vicinity of tones.

 Schweighöfer bei „Army of Thieves“. © Stanislav Honzik Schweighöfer at "Army of Thieves".

Las Vegas full of zombies and in the middle of a screeching German: In the Zack-Snyder blockbuster "Army of the Dead", Matthias Schweighöfer convinced as an exceeded and hysterical Safeknacker Ludwig Dieter. Five months later, Netflix shows his history in "Army of Thieves" from this Friday.

In the film, the viewers first learn that Ludwig Dieter is a - typical German - pseudonym. In real life, he carries the Sebastian Schlecht-Wöhn, who lives in a small town in a small town and works in a bank.

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After proving his arts as a safe cnacker in a subsoil club, the loveable small town of Kleinganovin Gwendoline is visited (played by Nathalie Emmanuel from "Game of Thrones". This creates an international troupe together to boot several safes in Europe.

If you are looking for "Army of the Dead" again a zombie army is disappointed. Because the prequel plays a role only on the edge when television is reported on the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. On the other hand, "Army of Thieves" is a typical faunometer that is borne by their main actor - who speaks in his few sentences in English with a wonderfully German accent.

Schweighöfer radiates a childish pleasure as a clustered Safeknacker for which one simply has to like him. "That's such a guy who walk in a desert into the single fucking pile and then let it all know. He is like a small child who would have to take the hand, but he does not want to be taken on the hand, "he describes his character. Schweighöfer led here at the same time.

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of the small criminal, which calls Ludwig Dieter in the course of the plot, screams and screams through the film - even without zombies. "In the role, it is almost like a feature: the one who always screams. He makes it incredibly great. He simply carries this movie, "praises Schweighöfer's partner Ruby O. Fee. She is a hacker Korina part of the international Safeknackerbande.

"Army of Thieves" is the first common film of the couple. He was filmed a year ago in the deserted Prague. The Czech capital was at the time as Corona Hotspot. "The city was tight. We are from the hotel, where five people have lived, go back to the set and then back. It was crazy, "recalls Schweighöfer.

The Berliner has also caught the wharf stripes - on the side of US star director Zack Snyder ("Justice League"). He should consider whether he can not experience the Dieter known worldwide worldwide worldwide. Anyway, fans may not get enough of Schweighöfer's iconic screech.

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