Entertainment "Human Shields" by Saddam Hussein: London apologizes 30 years after

19:40  23 november  2021
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Bill Richardson, the ex-American diplomat specialist in the release of detainees

 Bill Richardson, the ex-American diplomat specialist in the release of detainees © AFP I L has been ambassador, minister and governor. But since it has become a simple American citizen, Bill Richardson is dedicated to his role as an emissary in his own account, a specialist in delicate missions to obtain the release of his compatriots held by "hostile regimes". Last made of arms, the day of his 74th birthday: he contributed to the release of the American journalist Danny Fenster in Burma , pardon and expelled Monday by the military junta after six months in prison.

Le président irakien Saddam Hussein à la télévision nationale avec un jeune Britannique de 6 ans, pour menacer les Occidentaux à travers le traitement de centaines d'otages britanniques et américains, le 23 août 1990 à Bagdad. © AFP - Iraqi TV The Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on national television with a young British 6-year-old, to threaten Westerners through the treatment of Hundreds of British and American hostages, August 23, 1990 in Baghdad.

The British Government apologized on Tuesday, November 23 in the British Airways passengers caught in hostages and used as human shields by Saddam Hussein in 1990.

"As an activity minister, I apologize to The Chamber and I express my deepest sympathy to those who have been detained and abused, "said Foreign Minister Liz Truss before the British Parliament.

Remember the facts. From London and to Kuala Lumpur, the flight BA149 had stopped in Kuwait City on 2 August 1990. Be a few hours after the Iraqi invasion which had then led to the Gulf War. All passengers had been grouped for several days in a nearby hotel, held by the Iraqi staff, and transferred to Baghdad, and finally used as "human shields" on strategic sites. Of the 367 passengers and flight crew members, some have spent more than four months in captivity, placed on potential targets for the Western coalition.

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"Failure unacceptable"

For the last decades, the ex-hostages sought to know which information had exactly the United Kingdom, asking him to take his responsibilities.Mardi, the chipe of diplomacy assured that the British ambassador to Kuwait had Informed London of an Iraqi invasion around midnight on 2 August 1990. In other words, after the departure of the plane. However, no warning message has been transmitted to British Airways, which could have turned away from the aircraft. "The Appeal [of the Ambassador] has never been released or recognized publicly until today", or with the "Parliament or the public", admitted Liz Truss, judging "this unacceptable breach".

Liz Truss, however, rejected the accusations of a book published in the United Kingdom, Operation Trojan Horse, that the government used the flight - delayed by officially for "technical problems" - to deploy nine intelligence. Kuwait, despite the risk incurred by civilians. According to its author, Stephen Davis, London had received American information announcing the Iraqi invasion.

Barry Manners, former 55-year-old, said to refuse the government's excuses, which he also accuses lying about British agents. "Who hells were they then? Members of a rugby team? Did he dentrate, cited by AFP. It was enough to look at them, I know they were soldiers.

The airline, accused of negligence and concealment, was rejoicing that "these documents confirm that British Airways had not been prevented from the invasion."

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