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15:05  25 november  2021
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Derek Hough Tests Positive for COVID-19 Hours After 'DWTS' Appearance

  Derek Hough Tests Positive for COVID-19 Hours After 'DWTS' Appearance Derek Hough Tests Positive for COVID-19 Hours After 'DWTS' Appearance“Even though I’ve been fully vaccinated, I’ve just been diagnosed with a breakthrough case of COVID,” the 36-year-old dancer shared via Instagram on Tuesday, November 16. “I just found out and I feel OK. I feel strong.

Cologne. "Dooooooaaaaang!" - Well, recognized? Anyone who had a hunger for about 25 years ago by Jörg Draeger over his ear heard an unsighted noise - and got a zonk. Now the gameshow "go on the whole!" Something surprisingly back on TV. Does the concept still work?

 Daniel Boschmann (l-r), Zonk und Jörg Draeger in der 1. Staffel der Neuauflage der Kultshow © Frank Hempel Daniel Boschmann (LR), Zonk and Jörg Draeger in the 1st season of the new edition of the cult's show

It's time again, Jörg Draeger nestelt in his magic-jacket, in whose pockets seem to put more money tickets than In a parking machine. He looks his candidate, a cute young man, deep in the eyes and makes him an offer: money. If he does not take goal 3. He suses: What would he - Jörg Draeger - for a terrible person if he would lead such a sympathetic candidate behind light. "Then I would have to be such a ass, which I am not!"

The Hollywood A-listers Grace Kelly hosted at the royal palace in Monaco

  The Hollywood A-listers Grace Kelly hosted at the royal palace in Monaco In 1956, Grace Kelly made the transition from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty, marrying Monaco's Prince Rainier III. Though the Rear Window star left Tinseltown behind to start her new royal life, she held on to many of the friendships she'd developed throughout her silver-screen career. This was evident at her royal wedding — Cary Grant, Ava Gardner and Gloria Swanson were among the 600 guests — and continued in the years afterwards. READThough the Rear Window star left Tinseltown behind to start her new royal life, she held on to many of the friendships she'd developed throughout her silver-screen career.

Well, you can do it shortly: Jörg Draeger is evidently in his show role, but his candidate remains brave, suggests every money and leaves in Finally, open TV studio in Cologne-Ossendorf Tor 3. Result: He wins a very fantastic trip to the Dominican Republic. Draeger had tried to submit it to him.

That everything could have played exactly so in 1996 - but we actually write November 2021. The game show "go on the whole!", Which ran in private television every day ago, is back . The first recently recorded consequences is on Friday (November 26, 8:15 pm) to see Sat.1 - now as a finishing Primetime program. After "betting that ..?" (ZDF) and "TV Total" (ProSieben) it is the third show revival within a short time.

Adele reunites with influential teacher

  Adele reunites with influential teacher Adele wept while filming her UK TV special after it was revealed an influential old teacher was in the audience.The 'Easy on Me' singer had to halt filming of 'An Audience With Adele' - which was filmed at the London Palladium earlier this month and will air in the UK on Sunday (21.11.21) night - after she grew emotional when she was reunited by her old tutor from Chestnut Grove School in Balham, south London.

on the concept has the transmitter, who had already presented the 76-year-old show veteran Draeger in the summer new broadcasting time in the house of "celebrity Big Brother", not tall screwed. At the heart, it is still about selecting from different goals, boxes or envelopes. Hardly is the decision, Drager puts a malicious smile and tries to shake money with money. Anyone who won, hears a long "dooooooaaaaang" and does not get the hoped-for trip or a feast bike - but the zonk. Whereby the first difference becomes conspicuous: The Zonk can run in the new edition, while he earlier recently waited motionless as a sack of fully bolts behind the gates.

Already at that time was not clear who is actually prominent - the red rivet mascot or draeger. More importantly, Draeger, who is making simple simplicous playing small dramolet from seduction and mind. An ability that you can learn badly on a moderator school. "You can wake me at night and I'm right back," he says.

Celebrities who looked amazing pregnant

  Celebrities who looked amazing pregnant We're sure you've heard how pregnant women have a certain 'glow.' "You're glowing!" or "You look radiant!" you may have heard people say. Well people believe it to be true, and that being pregnant can make some women look even more beautiful than usual.Celebrities are no exception and we have a gallery for you showing how some of your favorite stars looked even more stunning than usual after becoming pregnant. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

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In the show, Drager bears wide tie and pocket. He also asks the relationship status of his candidates more consistently ("Are you married or in a fixed relationship?") As some partner placement. You may like that or not, retro is definitely. For the new elements, moderator Daniel Boschmann is responsible, born in 1980, the "go to the whole!" Once again looked at his grandma Maria with a breadboard on his legs as he says. Among other things,

Boschmann's task is to go with Draeger in the verbal exchange and to supply the appropriate candidates from the audience. He believes that the retro wave has its reasons. On TV, it was last given a lot against each other and threaten many bad news from all over the world. "It's clear that many people are longing for some escapism, after a good time," he says. "And entertainment television is exactly what: entertain. That does not mean that you ignore everything else. "

Drager himself says he did not get to a return of" go on the whole! "Between 1992 and 1997 in Sat.1 and from 1999 to 2003 on cable one , believed. Then one day the call had come. With his image as a medium-based Beleumunty man on the side of Zonk he obviously has never held.

"I have the zonk everywhere. When we lived in Tenerife, I had no water lily from mosaic stones in the pool - but a huge zonk, "says Draeger. The slopes with him also in every room. "I have found a niche in which I feel so comfortable." Now the gate will open very well again.

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