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10:05  28 november  2021
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Relay loan: How long does it take to get it?

 Relay loan: How long does it take to get it? © Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels Relays Relay Obtaining The Relay loan allows you to buy real estate before serving its current home. If the funding file presented to the bank is strong, it can be obtained quickly. A change of family situation, a professional mutation, a personal desire ... The reasons for wanting to change housing are numerous. But for an owner, a size problem can land.

En raison de la loi Climat Résilience, qui interdit la mise en location de passoires énergétiques d'ici 2025, de nombreux propriétaires mettent en vente leur appartement ayant un mauvais diagnostic énergétique. Sauf que les acquéreurs boudent les passoires énergétiques, ce qui fait baisser les prix. © Olivier Morin / AFP because of the law climate resilience, which prohibits the rental of energy colanders by 2025, many owners put on sale their apartment having an energetic bad diagnosis. Except that buyers move the energy comissions, which lowers prices.

This is one of the consequences of the law Climate Resilience which provides for the prohibition of the rental of energy colanders. The law will take effect from 2025, but landowners already resell their property for failing to do the energy renovation work.

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+ 72% in one year in Paris

in many cities, the number of energy strainers on the market is rising: + 72% over one year in Paris, + 74% in Rennes and + 40% in Lyon and Lille according to the Seloger group figures. This is also the case in Rouen, where Julien and his companion have made the choice to sell the studio of 15m2 they had bought 5 years ago. After the departure of their tenant, they made a new diagnosis of energy performance. Result: The apartment is now ranked G. So it will be necessary to carry out it for rent.

Green Hydrogen: The new scramble for North Africa

  Green Hydrogen: The new scramble for North Africa European plans for hydrogen energy projects in North Africa smack of green colonialism.In 2009, the Desertec project, an ambitious initiative to power Europe from Saharan solar plants was launched by a coalition of European industrial firms and financial institutions with the idea that a tiny surface of the desert can provide 15 percent of Europe’s electricity via special high voltage direct current transmission cables.

and beyond the cost - between 8,000 and 13,000 euros, despite the aid - Julien regrets the lack of feasibility of the operation. "The diagnosis advocates work, including replacing the heating system with a heat pump, except that it is in a copro. It is therefore necessary for authorizations: that of other co-owners and town planning. Not to count, the cost of the work "He explains. It is not to mention the lack of rent, for the duration of the work, while the couple has a credit to repay. Selling its energy strainer is not any rest. This kind of housing is becoming more and more bounted by the buyers and necessarily, prices fall.

Perth suburbs chosen for $35 million virtual power plant combining solar and batteries .
Households in two suburbs on the fringes of Perth will be part of a quest to solve one of the biggest logistical challenges of solar energy.About 500 households and businesses in Harrisdale and Piara Waters, in Perth's south-east, will be offered subsidised storage batteries or a credit on their power bills as an incentive to take part in the trial, which is being jointly funded by the West Australian and federal governments.

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