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13:05  30 november  2021
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Kann man von Rotweinessig betrunken werden? Oder ist die Alkohol-Menge doch zu gering? © iStock / Leo Palsy can be drunk from red wine vinegar? Or is the alcohol amount too little?

How dangerous is red wine vinegar for pregnant women and dry alcoholics? And how high is the alcohol content?

Bananas, bread and sauerkraut are among the foods that can contain so-called hidden alcohol - "hidden" because you do not suspect alcohol there first. In red wine vinegar, on the other hand, he is already in the name. But how much alcohol is really in there? Can you sweat him as a pregnant, as a child or as a dry alcoholic in the salad?

The basis of each vinegar is the alcohol. Whether brandy, red wine vinegar or balsamic - always the starting product is an alcohol-containing liquid. In this liquid (ie, for example, wine, sherry, apple most or beer), vinegar or mushrooms are given, including some nutrients for them, and then is very ventilated. Because: The bacteria ensure that the alcohol, which is usually not changed under air supply, absorb the oxygen and is degraded to acetic acid and water.

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for pregnant women and children harmless?

Much alcohol should not stay there, right? Exactly, but depending on the vinegar style, it can still be between 0.5 and 1.5 percent. Red wine vinegar usually has the 0.5 percent, about a tenth of the alcohol content of a beer. A low value, which according to experts is also harmless for pregnant women and children. So you will not be drunk from red wine vinegar. Especially since vinegar is usually not eaten in large quantities - and probably can not be eaten because it would probably be sick because of the acid.

declaration only from 1.2 percent

slightly different sees the matter in dry alcoholics: in some of them, even small quantities or even the smell of alcohol can trigger a relapse. Therefore, the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV) is that a small alcohol content is also part of a bottle or pack of printed.

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According to the Federal Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture, however, the alcohol content must only be specified if it is over 1.2 percent. For packaged foods where alcohol is (such as some sweets), he must be written to the ingredient list.

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