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13:25  30 november  2021
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The French can buy 60 m2 on average, but the real estate purchasing power varies strongly according to the

 The French can buy 60 m2 on average, but the real estate purchasing power varies strongly according to the surprise regions: according to some estimates, it would be possible to buy a good twice as big as in 1984 thanks to rates low credit.

Immobilier locatif : tout comprendre au Malraux © Southtownboy Studio / Adobe Stock Real Estate Rental: All Understanding Malraux The Fisc Adjusts a good part of the restoration work if you buy a historic property.

In the absence of being able to assume the restoration of our historical heritage, the state called the taxpayers to the rescue. This is how the Malraux law allows them to afford a housing of character to rehabilitate, and to obtain in exchange a pretty tax reduction. The only condition to be fulfilled is that the property, once the work is completed, or placed for rent for at least nine years. This device, which requires the intervention of specialized management companies, such as the CIR group or Buildinvest, is however reserved for investors who have large means: the bet starts at 250,000euros.

Rental affordability dropped in most cities during 2021, according to new report

  Rental affordability dropped in most cities during 2021, according to new report Rents in Sydney and Melbourne remain more affordable than those in Hobart, according to the annual Rental Affordability Index. Perth has seen the greatest decline in affordability out of the capital cities.The latest annual report on rental affordability, the Rental Affordability Index, has once again found Hobart is the least affordable city, with the average household spending 34 per cent of its income on rent if renting at the median rate.


of the demolition to the reconstruction of the property, all expenses are taken into account.

The amount of tax reduction is calculated on the basis of the restoration expenses incurred. All types of work are taken into account: demolition, reconstruction, repairs, improvement, surrender to standards ... In addition, the insurance premiums, the management costs of the site and those of accession to a free urban property association ( Aful), sometimes mandatory. On the other hand, the interests of the credit subscribed to finance the operation do not entitle the tax advantage (but they will be deductible from future rents perceived).

ATTENTION: The work must be made under the control of a building architect in France.

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A quarter of the French owns two thirds of the

 A quarter of the French owns two thirds of the Real Estate Park © West-France Quimperlé seen from the sky in Finistère in 2019. It is concentration at high dose. Nearly 25% of owners hold 68% of homes owned by individuals, according to an unprecedented INSEE study. The latter, unveiled this Thursday, November 25, 2021, draws up the social portrait of France in 2021, affected by the CVIV-19 crisis. of the 52.4 million properties identified in France , 28.4 million apartments or house are held by households, according to the study "Social Por


The total amount of the invoice must not exceed more than 15% the price of a new property.

With their beautiful facades, their stone stairs and their inlaid floors, the programs in Malraux law are not within the reach of all scholarships. This is not a reason to pay them too expensive. The operation will only be profitable if the price of the property before work is 25 to 30% lower than that of the old old sector. The cost of restoration work must also remain reasonable. If the invoice exceeds 75% the purchase price, it is probably that the building is of poor quality, and that it will remain. Station with disappointments to resale! At the end of the day, the global price (walls more work) must not exceed the price of nine of more than 15%.

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you do not have the right to rent the home to one of your children or your parents.

The city where rental prices are more expensive than Sydney

  The city where rental prices are more expensive than Sydney Rental prices across the Gold Coast are showing record-highs and they're only expected to get worse.Renting on the Gold Coast is more expensive than choosing Sydney to call home, according to data from Christopher's Housing Boom and Bust Report.

The owner must undertake to rent his property (not furnished) for nine years minimum, as a principal residence. The rent is free (no ceiling to respect), but the rental, which must begin within twelve months of the end of the work, can not be made for the benefit of a member of his tax household, a child or a parent.

Good to know: Rather than resell its property at the end of the nine years, it is better to keep it until the loan refund (often subscribed over fifteen years) to optimize the deductibility of the interests of rents or even more to benefit from the Maximum allowance for duration of detention on the taxation of capital gains, the ideal being to wait thirty years.

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tax reduction varies from 22 to 30% depending on the perimeter where the accommodation is located.

The tax bonus granted by the State corresponds to a tax reduction which is equal to 30% of the cost of the work for the buildings located in a sector covered by a plan for safeguarding and enhancement (PSMV), either At 22% for those who are the subject of a simple plan of enhancement of architecture and heritage (PVAP) or whose catering has been declared of public utility. Although the tax administration has set a ceiling for these expenses (they are only retained within the limit of 400,000urs spread over four years), the profitability of such an operation generally exceeds the 3.5% threshold. per year. Not to mention the added value registered for resale.

Historical Monuments: more than 6% of profitability per year

even more profitable than the Malraux, the "Historical Monuments" device allows you to invest in part of a building classified by the State, for example an old mill or A convent, to restore it and rent. All the work (supervised by the architect of the Buildings of France) is deductible from the income: what to cancel any tax two to three years in a row, and draw the return beyond 6% the year. No leases are required, but the property must be kept at least fifteen years. The only concern is that operations have become very rare.

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