Entertainment exhibition over Paul Müller-Kaempff opened in Ahrenshoop

17:51  04 december  2021
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Amy Winehouse: The scenes of the artist's life in the heart of an exhibition in London

 Amy Winehouse: The scenes of the artist's life in the heart of an exhibition in London The life, music and inheritance of Amy Winehouse are celebrated in an exhibition that opens to the public, Friday 26 November, at the London Design Museum, ten years after the death of the British singer emblematic at only 27 years old.

on the occasion of his 160th birthday and the 80th day has been an exhibition with works by Paul Müller-Kaempff (1861-1941) since Saturday. On the 25th of December then the exhibition start in the hotel Fischerwiege said Kurdirector Roland Völcker. Under the title "cloud shadow" more than 100 paintings are shown in both houses. It deals with idyllic landscapes in the change of seasons, village scenes with farmers' skates, potato fires and bodden views or impressive cloud games over the Baltic Sea.

Sandra Schröder, Leiterin des Museums, steht vor Arbeiten des Malers Paul Müller-Kaempff. © Bernd Wüstneck / DPA central picture / DPA Sandra Schröder, head of the museum, is standing before working by the painter Paul Müller-Kaempff.

"Müller-Kaempff is the founding father of the artist colony Ahrenshoop," Völcker said. In 1869, the artist known in Berlin's well-known artists came to Ahrenshoop to «landscape painting to indulge». That moved more and more circles. So the small fishing village was able to expand his reputation as a meeting place of artists until the actual colony was resolved again in 1919. However, Ahrenshoop could protect his reputation as a "place of art" about National Socialism and the GDR.

'Human zoos' were vectors for racism, a Belgian exhibition shows

  'Human zoos' were vectors for racism, a Belgian exhibition shows In the late 19th to early 20th centuries, recreated African villages were set up across Europe as amusement parks that served to extol the supposed cultural superiority of colonising empires. They were also powerful vectors for racist stereotyping, as a Belgian museum show under way illustrates. "Human Zoo: The age of colonial exhibitions" at the Africa Museum outside Brussels until March next year has resonance, because its buildings are on the site where Belgium's King Leopold II in 1897 reconstructed three "Congolese villages" on royal grounds.

Paul Müller-Kaempff had been inspired by the untouchedness of nature and felt an ahrenshoop as the ideal place. The light between the sea and bodden, which would have thrilled him enthusiastic about wind farms, the high shore and the local farmers' skates, reported Völcker. From 1892 he had his permanent residence in the self-built residential building.

dozens of artists found the leisure in Ahrenshoop, the environment and the right light for her. For the founder generation, in addition to Müller-Kaempff Anna Gerresheim (1852-1921), Elisabeth of Euck (1862-1940) or Carl Malchin (1838-1923) were included.

Condé: "One of the strongest opponents this season" .
of the 1st FC Magdeburg and the VFL Osnabrück delivered a gripping impact exchange with the better end for the leader. For the upcoming gambling in Zwickau, FCM-Coach Christian Titz has to change personnel. © Picture Alliance / Eibmer PressFoto The two Magdeburger Andreas Müller and Amara Condé (re.) Stop Osnabrück Sören Bertram.

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