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09:11  09 december  2021
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you needed a lot of time, you wanted to look at all the chess games that an international research team has evaluated for an new study . The scientists have analyzed 24,000 professional games, consisting of about 1.6 million rays that made chess professionals in the years 1890s to 2014.

The researchers from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland pursued two goals: they wanted to know how the intelligence of the players developed in the course of their lives; And they wanted to find out how the cognitive skills of the early chess professionals differed from those of their peculiar successors. For example, to determine that, for example, a 30-year-old player from 1900 with a 30-year-old player from 1980 or 2014.

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Chess is perfect for this type of intelligence research. "We have used data from games in professional shaft tournaments because chess is a prime example of a cognitive complex task," says Uwe Sunden of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. The German is co-author of the study , which was published in the "Proceedings" of the US "National Academy of Sciences".

At what age did play players especially clever trains?

To find out how smart the chess players acted at that time and today, the researchers compared their real visions - which had all been neatly logged - with the "optimal", which proposed a chess computers in each individual case. She looked: When did the trains of the players deviate from the ideal solution of the computer? And how often did professionals act as clever as the computer suggested?

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Using a mathematical model, scientists in this way succeeded in creating a precise course of performance for each player. They could realize what age their "test persons" made smart trains, in which life phase their skills improved and from which age their cognitive abilities. What they could also determine was how the average level of players intelligence had developed in the course of the 125 years examined.

From about 35 years we will not be more intelligent

two things that the researchers find out are especially exciting. First, the cognitive skills of man are obviously age-dependent. First, we are continuously smarter; Then, about 35 years, the development of our cognition stagnates. Second, the players of a certain age - we take by way of example 30-year-old - are more intelligent than the 30-year-olds 120, 80 or 15 years ago. In the general public, this means: today we are cognitive better than the same age earlier.

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But what is it that today's 30-year-old better cognitive skills than 30 years ago 100 years ago? The researchers have an objectionable explanation for this. "The conditions under which people grow up today have a decisive influence on the development of their cognitive skills," says Economic Uwe Sunden. Of course, these modern conditions also included the rapidly evolving digital technologies. To be able to deal with them, modern people are forced to keep cognitive steps. Nobody generation of our ancestors has been required this performance in this extent.

Whether it's always so on whether people would always be smarter - that could not predict their model, says Uwe Sunden. He also points to a weakness of his study: it stimulates that chess professionals are traditionally ending their career at the 50 years, they do not take their lives to competitions.

that the data therefore does not comprise the entire lifespan of the "test persons" can lead to a distortion of the result. If it were different, the players would participate in the shaft tournaments for their lives and would have evaluated the researchers all these games - then the intelligence curve would have probably fallen even more in the end, says Uwe Sunden.

  Ab diesem Lebensalter werden Menschen nicht mehr intelligenter — sagen Forscher © Provided by Business Insider Germany

This article appeared in Business Insiders already in April 2020. It has now been checked again and updated.

Mann spielt Schach © Convertkit / Unsplash Man plays Chess

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