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09:45  29 december  2021
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A $60million city APARTMENT was Australia's priciest home in 2021

  A $60million city APARTMENT was Australia's priciest home in 2021 A $60million city apartment in Sydney and three Crown Resorts luxury units, each worth more than $40million, were Australia's most expensive properties sold in 2021.City centre apartments ironically commanded the highest individual property prices in Australia in a year which saw house prices surge at double the pace of units as more people moved to regional areas to escape lockdowns.

car buyers get the consequences of the past two years painful.

Die Verteuerung bei Gebrauchtwagen liegt bei 5 bis 15 Prozent. © Sebastian Kahnert / DPA The expensive used car is 5 to 15 percent.

«Used cars are currently as expensive as never before - even in relation to their new prices," says Martin Weiss of Markteabachter Dat. "The increase is often 5 to 15 percent. In individual cases, it can also be significantly more. It's already crazy what you see. "

The dat - the abbreviation stands for German Automobile Treuhand - has been watching used car prices in Germany for 90 years. Sober numbers and data are your daily bread - if you talk about "crazy" there, the situation must be extraordinary.

sentenced to London, the Emir of Dubai will have to pay 640 million euros for his divorce

 sentenced to London, the Emir of Dubai will have to pay 640 million euros for his divorce © Luke MacGregor, Reuters (Archives) the emir of Dubai, Mohammed Ben Rached al-Maktoum, and his sixth woman Haya of Jordan, to the Royal Ascot horse race, in southern England, June 17, 2010. The Sovereign of Dubai, Mohammed Ben Rached Al-Maktoum, was sentenced, Tuesday, by the English justice to pay a sum Record of 640 million euros to his ex-wife as well as their two children, at the end of a rumbling legal battle that lasted two years.

drivers are development - once again - corona crisis and chip deficiency. But in the used car market, they beat in double ways: On the one hand, for long delivery times increasingly new car customers in the end but for used, on the other hand, the offer is much thinner than usual.

"It's just very few cars to come to the market," Says Thomas Pickruhn, Vice President of the Central Association of German Motor Vehicle Trade (ZDK). "The second year in a row lacking new registrations of company cars, day facilities, rental cars, which usually come to the market relatively quickly as a boy used», he explains the mechanism. The result: "At the moment we have less used cars as customers."

also Peckruhn sees a significant price increase in used, even if he judges a slightly lower at 5 to 10 percent. "Currently not the time for used car snaps," he says. However, it is strongly on the equipment. "Partly there are currently cases in very popular vehicles, where young used buying more costs than a corresponding new car that would only be available with a long delivery time."

explains: That's why Mercedes has not spent a token for 2021

 explains: That's why Mercedes has not spent a token for 2021 © Motorsport Images Mercedes could not develop the W12 as you wanted before the season prevailed great riddle rates: Which team has spent his tokens for what? Because the tokens were the only way to change something at the base of the cars for 2021, otherwise the same as in the preseason. Two of them received each team - and depending on the use, a development cost either one or two tokens.

New cars have become more expensive. "We come from a time of vehicle overproduction into a time of vehicle deficiency. This leaves prices - even with new cars, there is currently less discount, "says DAT expert white. And peckruhn emphasizes: "New cars are also partially shortened by the semiconductor crisis. In some months, the trade only has halfway many vehicles get like normal. "

A quick relaxation is therefore not in sight. Alone because the missing new cars from today in the future will be missing on the used market. "We will also have the high used car prices 2022," says Pickruhn and adds: "For the trade one must say: Thank God. Because the semiconductor crisis meets us again harder than Corona. "

also knows at the earliest 2023 at the beginning of normalization on the market. "Probably the one who is happy and satisfied with his vehicle and currently not dependent on a change," he summarizes the current situation.

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However, not all areas of the used car sector are equally affected. "For electric cars, we do not see these increases - here are the used car prices under pressure», says white. "This is due on the high promotion for new cars, on the other hand, the fact that the technology has evolved and customers are more likely to buy an outdated product." However, E-cars are still a niche product on the used car market.

Also plug-in hybrids have not become so much more expensive. Unlike the diesel - these vehicles would be significantly more expensive than in the first years after the diesel scandal, says white. "Also, because of them have come to the market since then and fewer vehicles."

The high fuel prices play hardly a role on the used car market, how white explains. "Currently we do not see that because of the high fuel prices, especially economical used cars would be more demanded."

COVID-19: Why are transport disturbed? .
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