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14:50  04 january  2022
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"1st Christmas without you": Julien Courbet dedicates a poignant message to his mother disappeared

 © Quentin Salinier / Thibaud Moritz / Bestimage "1st Christmas without you": Julien Courbet dedicates a poignant message to his mom disappeared the animator Julien Courbet recently lost his mother and spent his first Christmas without her. He dedicated him a tender message on his Twitter account. Julien Courbet is Orphan of Mother since July 15th. The mother of the facilitator had Alzheimer's disease . He passes his first Christmas without her and suffering.

Le Livre de ma mère (Salto) : Patrick Timsit bouleversant dans l'adaptation théâtrale du livre d'Albert Cohen © Pascal Victor / Artcompress The book of my mother (Salto): Patrick TIMSIT shimpers in the theatrical adaptation of the Albert Cohen's book Patrick TIMSIT interpreted, alone on stage, the text written in 1954 by Albert Cohen for his deceased mother, my mother's book. A shocking show to discover on the Salto platform.

We know Patrick Timsit in often light registers, playing in comedies in the cinema ( the crisis of Coline Serreau), realizing a few feature films ( someone well ), or rising on stage for His one-man-shows - like his new, goodbye ... maybe. Thank you ... for sure , who could be his last, as he said ... it's another job that the comedian offers with my mother's book , show he played in 2018-2019, available on the Salto platform.

"The flame". A first image unveiled for season 2, maybe renamed "the torch"

 © Canal + Series Youtube Screen Capture Jonathan Cohen, in the first season of the Canal + series, "The Flame". A first image of season 2 of "Flame" was unveiled Sunday, December 26, 2021 by "Canal +". The rest of the humorous program, possibly renamed "the torch" as the implies the publication, will release an adventure reality based on an island. The absurd humor of the flame will soon be back on our little screens.

The book of my mother at the theater, adaptation of the work of Albert Cohen

The book of my mother, of Albert Cohen, was published in 1954. In the book, The writer who publishes in 1968 beautiful of the Lord , Grand Prix of the novel of the French Academy, evokes his mother, a woman at the same time "daily" and sublime, who will have lived only for her son and by his son, until his death in January 1943. Young Jewish exiled from Corfu Island (where he was born) until Marseille, Albert Cohen was deeply united to his mother but moved away from her from her 19 years and his departure from the family home. He became aware of his importance only after his death. In my mother's book, he urges all the sons, including those whose mothers are still alive, to remember that they are fatal.

The Scott Brothers: An actress reveals his ridiculous salary at the beginning of the

 The Scott Brothers: An actress reveals his ridiculous salary at the beginning of the series in 2022, we will celebrate the 10 years of the end of the Scott brothers (yes, already!). A few months ago, Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz created a podcast in which they evoke the episodes of the worship series. Recently, they invited Bevin Prince who embodied Bevin in the show. The actress entrusted his misery salary for filming and the reasons why she has abandoned the acting profession.

Patrick Timsit shocking on stage in The book of my mother

alone on stage, in a decor of office, Patrick TIMSIT interprets extracts of the book, causing some laughs but especially a lot of emotion. At the Théâtre Lyonnais des Célestins in 2018, the comedian entrusted: "I like the text, I wanted to help him, and to give him a service it took this maturity," a little job ". (...) I would not have never done this text if there were not three essential paragraphs for me. The first says: ' mouse, especially do not forget to smile. Mouse to scrape your despair, mouse to keep living, mouse in front of your ice cream And in front of people. ' And then, there are the last two paragraphs: this little speech to the sons of the mothers still alive so they forget that their mothers are deadly. I can say it every night, I still can not 'Hear. In my head, consider that my mother is fatal it's not possible. He says: ' Be sweet every day with your mother, love it better than I have been able to love for nothing. '" Regardless of his family history, the viewer can only feel touched because the text of Albert Cohen is finally universal, as confirms Patrick TIMSIT: " It's a Jewish mother, but a Jewish mother like a Expression, an Italian mother, Greek, African ... They are mother chickens, mothers 'too much', mothers present, who can annoy us too. " and who are deadly.

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