Entertainment Eric Zemmour Announces 300 sponsorship promises and appeals to the pattern of the mayors of France

14:33  06 january  2022
14:33  06 january  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

card. COVID-19: Is France more affected than its neighbors by the Omicron variant?

 card. COVID-19: Is France more affected than its neighbors by the Omicron variant? © Martin Roche / West-France Persons analyze tests on December 29, in a French center offering antigenic tests without appointment. The number of new cases beats records in France in recent days, and the Omicron variant is now majority. At our neighbors, situations vary and all are not affected in the same way. With more than 200,000 daily cases these last two days, France takes the Omicron wave of full whip .

Le candidat Eric Zemmour à Villepinte, le 5 décembre 2021. © Julian archives of Rosa / AFP Eric Zemmour Candidate in Villepinte, December 5, 2021.

The Extreme Law Candidate asks David Lisnard of Anonymize elected signatures by creating a "mayor pool", denouncing a "democratic scandal".

The candidate for the presidential election of 2022 Eric Zemmour claimed this Thursday, January 6, 2022 on Europe 1 a boost of the Association of the Mayors of France and his President LR David Lisnard to collect the 500 sponsorships required for Present to the presidential election.

"I appeal to David Lisnard," The President of the Association of Mayors of France, "A remarkable and democratic person", emphasized the extreme right candidate.

Right politician's manner "Fatherland insult": Europaflagge on the Paris triumphal arches for turmoil

 Right politician's manner France's government has symbolically marked the beginning of its EU Presidency - the extreme right cetents. Now the flag is rolled up. © Photo:: Julien de Rosa / AFP / DPA People gather in front of the blue illuminated Arc de Triomphe in Paris, whose arc an EU flag hangs a European lagge, which was briefly blew on the Parisian triumph arch, has a dispute between the Let the French government and the opposition escape.

"I propose to ask the mayors to take a pool of signatures and give the signatures to all the candidates who are at a minimum, I do not know, at 5 or 8% in the polls, it is he who will decide. That names (mayors) do not want to say anything since it will be decided by all mayors. I think it would be a democratic measure and I do not just talk for me, " estimated.

"A democratic scandal"

as its rival on the far right, Marine Le Pen (RN), Eric Zemmour claims the anonymity of mayors and challenges the law of 2016 introducing the publication of the names of the candidates, a Text "inique", An "democratic scandal", leading to "pressures" on the elected officials, he said.

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The candidate reconquest! A claimed again to rely on "300 promises" sponsorships at this stage: "It is at the same time because we have no elected, but at the same time it is nothing Since it takes 500 and everyone tells us that it takes 600 or 700 (promises) because people retract at the last moment. ".

Christine Kelly threatened with death: a preliminary survey by the parquet of Paris

 Christine Kelly threatened with death: a preliminary survey by the parquet of Paris © WOYTEK KONARZEWSKI / SIPA Christine Kelly threatened with death: a preliminary inquiry open by the parquet of Paris Christine Kelly does not matter not to be done and The affair is accelerating. A preliminary investigation has just been opened after the filing of the facilitator for death threats. Already several months that Éric Zemmour no longer offers CNEWS alongside Christine Kelly . Yet the journalist continues to receive threats because of his emission "FACE INFO" .

Eric Zemmour assured do not "not overlay" the situation and that "nobody helps", while the rumors are going well on the temptation of the LRs to leave elected right to sponsor, in order to divide. the extreme right.

The collection of sponsorships officially starts on January 30, until March 4, deadline for their deposit.

"The controversy of Emmanuel Macron is not a skid"

The former CNEWS polemicist and FIGARO is returned to the controversy of Emmanuel Macron, on his "desire to emmender the non-vaccinated". According to Eric Zemmour, "It's not a skid," but an "Politics" for "Cliver" .

"Emmanuel Macron does politics" and "knew exactly what it was doing." "It cynically instrumentalizes the COVID", for in "to make the subject of the presidential election" and "that we do not speak of its balance sheet" and "of the identity of France", considers- he.

France's Taubira hopes to rally divided left against Macron .
France's well-liked former justice minister Christiane Taubira on Saturday launched her bid to unify the floundering French left and challenge President Emmanuel Macron at April presidential elections, but faces a slew of competing candidates reluctant to cede the limelight. "I'm committing myself here before you because I share your aspiration for another kind of government," the former minister under Socialist President Francois Hollande (2012-17) told supporters in Lyon at the official launch of her campaign.

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