Entertainment Cédric and Delphine Jubillar attached financially? "Because of COVID, he did not have any more customers"

12:15  15 january  2022
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Cédric Jubillar: An amazing secret code decrypted in a private letter

 Cédric Jubillar: An amazing secret code decrypted in a private letter © AFP Cédric Jubillar: An amazing secret code decrypted in a private letter in a letter sent last October by Cédric Jubillar to his new companion, the investigators have deciphered A coded message that was for the least unexpected. Since mid-December 2020, Delphine Jubillar remains not found. Her husband Cédric, on his side, is always placed in isolation in prison , being considered the main suspect.

Cédric et Delphine Jubillar acculés financièrement ? « À cause du Covid, il n'avait plus de clients » © Facebook Screenshot Cedric and Delphine Jubillar attached financially? "Because of the Covid, he had no more customers" interviewed by Le Figaro, Thursday, January 13, a cousin of Delphine Jubillar returned to the wedding of the latter with Cédric, who had become difficult to live for her.

Thursday, January 13, Lolita E., Cousin de Delphine Jubillar , granted an interview at the Figaro . In the columns of our colleagues, she confided on her reports with the nurse since more than one year , on the meeting of the latter with her husband Cédric , on their marriage, or on their life after their union. According to her, the mother of family "was happy" when she "waited his son Louis " , before disappointing because of the behavior of his husband and their financial worries.

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"With Cédric, they decided to launch work in their house. But they did not sung, they lived on a construction site," explained Lolita, who even remembered that "when Delphine was pregnant. Elyah, the benjamine, she fell twice on the belly on a path of slope, where Cedric had assured that he would make a staircase. But he never finished the work ". In addition, the couple also faced "money problems". "Because of the COVID, Cédric, who was on his behalf, had no more customers," she said, about the company of plaquiste craftsman. What to create an imbalance since only "Delphine brought back home". A wife who "was fed up" of his daily

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"The main cause of their divorce, it was this financial aspect, in my opinion," developed the cousin of Delphine Jubillar, who witnessed a situation that went back "badly". His husband "only played on his phone and take drugs", told Lolita, stating that "it had a moment that he took it." "Since I know Cédric, I've always seen it with a joint in the mouth," added, while taking back. "I'm not in my cousin's head, but we can imagine that, between the house, the money, the drug ... It must have been very difficult for her. She kept saying that she In it had fed up of this 'life of Bidochon', pointed out the one who saw Delphine for the last time four months before his disappearance.

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