Entertainment video dany glossy dad: her tender confidences on her three children

17:20  17 january  2022
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How Biden’s Little Lies Help Prop Up Trump’s Big One

  How Biden’s Little Lies Help Prop Up Trump’s Big One Joe Biden was famous for delivering eulogies long before he was elected president, so it should not come as a surprise that in his remarks to the nation to memorialize the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and our system of elections, he spoke more about the past tense—of a “former president” and a “failed” attempt to overthrow democracy—than about the very real, very urgent threats facing the nation today. It’s easy and convenient to isolate the images, violence and memories of Jan. 6, to remove them from their ongoing context and package them into produced speeches or television segments that look back.

VIDEO Dany Brillant papa : ses tendres confidences sur ses trois enfants © France 2 / strongly Sunday video Dany glossy dad: her tender confidences on her three children while he was the guest of Michel Drucker in highly Sunday the January 16, 2022, Dany Brilliant did not come alone. Indeed, his Daughter Léah accompanied him. The opportunity for the singer to evoke his three children.

when he will soon start his tour for his album Dany Brilliant Southern Aznavour, Dany Brilliant was invited on the Plateau de Vutiment Sunday on January 16, 2022. Faced with Michel Drucker, he noted present his second album on Charles Aznavour , that he has done with Duos this time. But the artist has not went alone in Gabriel studio. "I just crossed behind a charming girl who has your eyes and who told me with a small English accent: 'I am Dany' daughter '", launched the facilitator. Indeed, his Léah daughter returned from Canada for the holidays and therefore accompanied his dad to the show. " I'm glad she comes for the show. She will bring me happiness ," said the one who is also actor.

Thierry Neuvic: Has he remained in good terms with his ex jenifer?

 Thierry Neuvic: Has he remained in good terms with his ex jenifer? The Comedian Thierry Neuvic, who is on TF1 this Monday, January 10 on the occasion of the broadcast of the Sam series, is Joseph's father, fruit of his former love for Jenifer. For the occasion, discover if it still gets well with the mother of his son, from which he has been separated since 2016. This Monday, January 10, TF1 broadcasts the third episode of Season 6 of the SAM series 6 , in which Natacha Lindinger gives the replica to Thierry Neuvic.

Video: Video Gala - Sophie Ferjani flourished outside the TV: "My real life is that of three children's mom" (Gala)

"and they are like that!"

But Dany shiny is also dad of two other children. "I have three children. She is the eldest, and I have two others, Lino and Dean," he recalled. and it is a tribute to Lino Ventura and Dean Martin that the companion of Nathalie Moury chose these first names. "I called my sons Lino and Dean. For my heroes were Lino Ventura, for what he represented: righteousness, power, given word. And Dean Martin: for his natural class, his fantasy, his lightness . We must fight today to be light, "he explained to Gala in April 2021." and they are like that! , "he said on the plateau of highly Sunday. And if the father has chosen his job, he does not want his children to follow his traces.

"My Léah daughter does not want to be a singer. My son Lino, he went to Saxo. I advise them anyway to follow this path, because it is a difficult job, which requires a real passion "Had he told in the columns of TV Star last November. And if Léah, Lino and Dean do not seem to want to become singer like their father, he says they have a lot of talents as comedians. "I can guarantee that they are comedians born!" He told Gala to Gala in 2020. "They can tell us anything to their mother and me, we always believe it!".

Magali Ripoll (do not forget the lyrics): What mother is she for his children Chloé and Marius? .
© abaca magali ripoll (do not forget the lyrics): what mother is she for her children Chloé and Marius? With its good mood, it gives the la in "do not forget the lyrics!". But Magali Ripoll is also the "Orchestra Chefts" of two blond heads that she raises with this joy of living her own. For a few days, the aficionados do not forget the lyrics! wonder where their favorite musician has passed, Magali Ripoll.

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