Entertainment "What madness!" : Stéphane Bern Furious against Barbara Pompili

09:50  21 january  2022
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 The unknown soon back on stage? Didier Bourdon enchants the fans by revealing a new incredible project good news for the fans of the unknown. Didier Bourdon entrusted Journalist Stéphane Boudsocq that the trio would soon be back on stage! © Isabelle Vautier / Visual Press Agency The unknowns soon back on stage? Didier Bourdon enchants the fans by revealing a new incredible project during the 90s, the strangers made the French laugh thanks to their sketches, films and other media interventions. Unfortunately, the members of the group eventually separated to continue their own personal projects.

“Quelle folie !” : Stéphane Bern furieux contre Barbara Pompili © Jack Tribeca / Bestimage "What madness!" : Stéphane Bern furious against Barbara Pompilili While Barbara Pompilil has the project to build wind turbines in the Channel, at the expense of UNESCO's ranked heritage, Stéphane Bern broke out on his Twitter account, Thursday, January 20th.

Passionate about France and its history, Stéphane Bern has at heart to preserve the heritage inherited from our ancestors . So when the latter is threatened, he does not hesitate to use his voice for an appeal. Fervent opposing wind turbines , the conductor of history secrets does not hide his anger against Barbara Pompilili and his project to dispose of these wind engines in the sleeve, at the risk of losing the Mention recorded World Heritage of UNESCO .

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While the Council of State validated the construction of a wind farm 30 kilometers from Vauban Tours, remains of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and located in Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue (Manche) , Stéphane Bern broke out on Twitter account . Indeed, if this project had just seen the day, the consequences would be disastrous for the facilitator and his historians comrades, as for the inhabitants of the commune who "are resigned and disappointed" , LCI details. "It's madness. Barbara Pompili will carry a heavy responsibility in front of the story" , writes the animator attempted by the policy, a time in charge of the heritage mission in danger . A notice supported by the Annick Perro historian. "The view is the exceptional universal value (...) It is also necessary to protect the views: from the sea to the towers and towers towards the sea. However, it will be polluted visually ," explain- She at LCI .

Grenoble celebrates its title of "European Green Capital"

 Grenoble celebrates its title of © Guillaume Saligot / West-France Eric Piolle, Mayor Eelv de Grenoble. The city of Grenoble this Saturday, January 15 its title of "European Green Capital" 2022 awarded by the European Commission. The Eric Piolle ecologist mayor denounces the absence of Emmanuel Macron. On the sidelines of the event, several associations organize a march for a "social and popular ecology".

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. What madness!


will bring a heavy responsibility in front of the story ... https://t.co/fqnq57ipxf - Stéphane Bern (@bernstephane) January 20, 2022

for Stéphane Bern, Barbara Pompilili is guilty of "destruction of a natural heritage " the Vauban Tours, Unesco's heritage since 2008, bring together" a set of twelve sites all over the country ", which is why " if one of the sites is decommissioned, unsubscribed, it is the entire registration of Vauban sites that fall ",

tells Christiane Tincélin, president of the Eolarge Association. So since last spring, Stéphane Bern is at war against the Minister of Ecological Transition . An indignation that he shared in a tribune published in Le Figaro: " Ms. Pompili contravenes the Ecocid Act which she makes vote by guilty of destroying a natural heritage, violations of biodiversity, Artificialisation of soils and support for fossil energies ... because, ultimately, wind turbines operate only, 25% of the time. " to read also Interview - Eve, Moving, Politics ... The confidences of Stéphane Bern - Gala

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