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15:30  30 july  2022
15:30  30 july  2022 Source:   berliner-zeitung.de

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researchers from the University of Virginia have found out why men die earlier than women on average. As from her study, published in the journal Science , a gradual loss of Y chromosome accelerates aging. Age -related diseases would be favored and the heart is particularly damaged.

  Erste eindeutige Beweise: Darum sterben Männer früher als Frauen © provided by Berliner Zeitung

has been known since the 1960s that the biologically male-defining y-chromosome disappears from the cells with increasing age. The suspicion suggested that this loss could be connected to a lower life expectancy. However, it was not yet known whether the dismantling of the Y chromosome was the cause or an impact of the death that occurred earlier. The US scientists have now recognized the disappearance of chromosome as the cause.

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Not all men are affected by the loss of chromosome. Analyzes showed the breakdown in 40 to 57 percent of men in part of the white blood cells. In older test subjects, this affects up to 80 percent of leukocytes. The reason: Sometimes the Y chromosome is not copied in cell division, because it is less than a tenth of the genes of the X chromosome, writes National Geographic. This happens particularly in the case of rapidly changing cells, such as blood cells.

In an attempt with mice, the researchers were able to test the effects of a lack of Y chromosome by injecting young male mice injected with changed bone marrow without y chromosomes. The consequences were heart failure and an earlier death.

The very harmful effects of the chromosome loss on the heart explain the researchers by the fact that macrophages that arise in the genetically modified bone marrow penetrate into this. They favor fibrosis, a pathological increase of tissue, which follows hardening. This has a negative impact on the heart functions.

Because this connection is now clear for the first time, solutions that extend the life of men. Targeted drug treatment of fibrosis could, for example, help men a longer and healthier life . Even admitted medication could be used for this, the report says.

According to the Federal Institute for Population Research , men in Germany are currently 78.6 years old. At an average of 83.4 years, women die about five years later.

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