Entertainment Corona: Karl Lauterbach announces "Positive news for autumn"

22:30  01 august  2022
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since the beginning of Corona pandemic, Karl Lauterbach has been a memorial, now the health minister has announced a positive message on Twitter with a view to the Corona autumn . In a tweet, Lauterbach wrote on Monday evening that there is "good news for autumn".

Karl Lauterbach und die Bundesregierung bereiten sich auf den Corona-Herbst in Deutschland vor. (Archivbild) © dpa Karl Lauterbach and the federal government are preparing for Corona autumn in Germany. (Archive image)

"It looks more and more like that at least there would be no additional variant next to BA5," said the SPD politician. In his post, he refers to a contribution by Professor Christina Pagel, who is researching the Clinical Operational Research Unit (Coru) and, for its part, uses the latest Sanger data to variants in England.

"On threshold for recession": Ifo index falls at a two-year depth of an increasing energy prices and impending gas shortages, persistent delivery problems, high inflation: There are currently many developments on the German economy.

 © Photo: Fabian Sommer/DPA On the German economy, several developments are currently being charged that influence consumer behavior. Germany is heading to economically difficult times . This is shown by the IFO business climate, Germany's most important economic early indicator. In July, the mood in German companies deteriorated significantly. At the previous month, the business climate fell by 3.6 points to 88.6 points, as the IFO Institute announced on Monday in Munich.

Karl Lauterbach sees the Federal Government prepared for Corona-Herbst

So compared to the variants there do not seem to appear any significant new ones or potentially dominant. If there are actually no new Corona variants in Germany by autumn, the federal government would be well prepared according to Lauterbach. "For BA5, depending on the approval, we expect a suitable vaccine by the end of September," said the 59-year-old.

Lauterbach was recently sharply criticized for his communication by CDU boss Friedrich Merz .

Lauterbach und Habeck 0108 © dpa Lauterbach and Habeck 0108

With a view of Lauterbach and Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, he denounced at the CSU summer exam that the two ministers would outbid each other with messages every day, "how terrible everything can be".

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Political headwind for Health Minister Karl Lauterbach

also got headwind from the FDP's health policy spokesman for the FDP. Andrew Ullmann warned a tweet of the Minister of Health about a new study that had not yet been secured: "Your approach could backfire," said Ullmann.

Critics and Hass comments had to take Lauterbach, as a result of an interview with this newspaper , in which he pointed out the possible dangers of new variants.

Lauterbach does not seem to make the headwind anything, but continues to share study results, recommendations from the Federal Ministry of Health and on Twitter, in P OdCasts about the dangers of the Corona virus .

The citizens in his tweet called up to the admission of the new vaccine, which is supposed to act particularly effectively against Ba.5, to persevere: "Now avoid infection until then".

countries see the need for improvement in Infection Protection Act .
The health ministers of the federal states see need for improvement in the design of the federal government for the future infection protection law. The intended exceptions from the mask obligation indoors for freshly vaccinated and recovered are "difficult to control and implement in the practical implementation", it was said in a declaration published on Tuesday after the consultations of the Health Ministers' Conference (GMK).

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