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07:30  09 august  2022
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Mediterranean inferno: Wildfires spread across Southern Europe and North Africa

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handling chaos, delays, failures, disappeared suitcases: Air travelers have used good nerves lately - and probably still need, although a little relaxation is slowly indicated.

Nun aber schnell! Manchmal muss man durch den Flughafen hetzen, um noch den Anschlussflug zu bekommen. © Christin Klose/dpa-tmn now quickly! Sometimes you have to rush through the airport to get the connecting flight.

The sometimes hooked processes at the airlines and on the airports can hardly affect vacationers. The situation is different with the choice of flight connection. And when packing the suitcases. Laura Frommberg, editor -in -chief of the “Aerotelegraph” specialist magazine, explains how to get to the goal.

Question: How much change time should travelers plan to reach their connecting flight?

BA halts sales of short-haul tickets from Heathrow

  BA halts sales of short-haul tickets from Heathrow The airline suspends sales for a week in response to the airport's cap on passenger numbers.The move is due to the cap on daily passenger numbers that the UK's largest airport has imposed over the summer.

Laura Frommberg: To do this, you have to distinguish what airports you switch from. There are airports with very wide paths. It may be that you are really long to get from one gate to the next. If you may only have 20 minutes after the first flight is late, it can be scarce.

knows the airline that passengers change, but usually calculates this when booking. In addition, connecting flights sometimes also wait when the flight planning allows this. And sometimes the connecting flights are late and you get the flight. But I wouldn't rely on that.

I would currently not recommend less than an hour of switching time. Better around two hours. I personally prefer more time in between at the airport and work there, for example.

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 Incidents at the Stade de France: 240 complaints identified by the prosecution of incidents had occurred in the Champions League final. An investigation for "flights", "aggravated flights" and "aggravated violence" is still underway. © supplied by Franceinfo almost ten weeks after the incidents that occurred at the Stade de France , "approximately 240 complaints were identified", announces Friday August 5 on Twitter the Bobigny prosecutor, Eric Mathais.

Question: Should you even book a trip with connecting flights or better the more expensive direct flight?

Frommberg: Of course that depends on the budget. And even if you currently hear a lot of chaos and luggage that does not arrive, you can basically rely on getting to your goal. I recommend holidaymakers that you just have to bring a lot more time, patience and understanding, and to prepare for the fact that there may be a few hurdles on the trip. It helps to prepare mentally.

I would also put the most important things like toothbrush and a few clothes in your hand luggage if the case arrives later. I always grab so that I would survive in the hotel for one or two nights. For example, if you travel as a family, it helps to distribute the most important things for everyone from the group over all suitcases. If a suitcase is lost, there is no person without clothes.

If you don't fly regularly, so it is a bit unsure, and the choice of switching to a smaller airport or on a large hub such as Frankfurt or London-Heathrow, it is best to fly with less travel through smaller airports. There the paths are shorter and less is also going on - and that means less chaos potential.

Question: Despite all the prudence and planning, the plane lifts off without one. What should travelers do at the moment?

Frommberg: I ​​recommend downloading the airline's app because information such as irregularities and gate change is quickly updated there. This is the fastest way to be informed. If there is nothing in the app, I would always look for personal contact with an airline employee at the airport. If in doubt, you can help better than a virtual assistant.

misses travelers through no fault of their own, they are entitled to meals, accommodation and ultimately also to reach their destination. This is regulated in passenger rights.

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