Entertainment Thor 5: Chris Hemsworth will be back, but on a condition

16:30  24 november  2022
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Chris Hemsworth: This is his workout for ultra -strong, muscular arms

 Chris Hemsworth: This is his workout for ultra -strong, muscular arms © National Geographic for Disney/Craig Parry Chris Hemsworth has made a whole documentary about his search for improved health and longer lifespan - and he has discovered many things . In the course of the film, the Australian discovered that coldness can help to deal with pain and to recover from training.

while his brother will soon replace Henry Cavill in the series The Witcher of Netflix, Chris Hemsworth puts his career in break. The Australian actor is indeed predisposed to Alzheimer and wishes to spend more time with his loved ones. A diagnosis that does not definitively condemn him and which will not prevent him from returning to embody Thor in the MCU if he wishes. He says he is leaving to make a new film, but he has a condition.

Chris Hemsworth ready to return to Thor 5

Thor 5 may well emerge. Chris Hemsworth is ready to resume the role once his break is over. The announces his media withdrawal raised many questions about the future of the character he embodied in five Avengers and four solo films. The Australian actor shared his opinion on the issue during an interview with Vanity Fair. His next appearance in the MCU could well be the last, suggesting the death of the god of thunder. However, he clarified his remarks in the podcast of Josh Horowitz Happy, Sad, Confused. He will only come back on one condition: that the character of Thor changes radically.

Chris Hemsworth: This discovery on his health that changed his vision of life

 Chris Hemsworth: This discovery on his health that changed his vision of life © AFF/Abaca Chris Hemsworth: this discovery on his health which made him change his vision of life during the filming of "Limitless" From National Geographic, Chris Hemsworth discovered his genetic predisposition to the Alzheimer disease. In an interview with " Vanity Fair ", this Thursday, November 17, the actor confided in the results he received after a genetic test.

If we look at Thor 1 and 2, it is obvious that they are very similar. Ragnarok and Love and Thunder are too. I think it is important to reinvent the character. Infinity War and Endgame gave me the unique opportunity to go to extremes with this character. I like it, it keeps the public alert and it allows me to stay invested. I have already said it, but when something becomes too familiar, there is a risk of succumbing to ease.

Thor 5 Chris Hemsworth © supplied by Gameblog Thor 5 Chris Hemsworth to a completely different character?

The character of Thor has indeed been the subject of several narrative and stylistic experiments. From the serious and stoic Avenger, Taika Waititi made him a hero with a lighter temperament and inclined to humor. For the actor, it is crucial to reinvent the god of thunder so as not to lose spectators but also his own interest.

I don't really know if I would have to come back. But if that were the case, it would be completely different in terms of tone, just to preserve my mental health. In any case, if I am offered something fresh, unique and unexpected for the character and his universe, I am completely open to the question. It is an experience that I have always loved a lot, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do something different every time.

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